Vitacost Giveaway!!

It is no secret that I have a google problem.

I am obsessed with searching for the best possible deal for hours on end.

I know... I'm cheap.

One day, I was being a scavenger and trying to save a few extra bucks on my Husband's protein powder when I stumbled onto Vitacost and found the best prices... like on everything.

Seriously, like a few bucks or more less than the competitors... I know because I have no life and I searched THEM ALL!

Since that original protein powder purchase, I have started buying all of our Vitamins from them... turns out being healthy doesn't have to be super duper expensive.

Who knew??

So when Vitacost contacted me to try their new line of Children's Gummie Vitamins, it was pretty much a no brainer.

Plus, our kids love Vitamins!

For awhile I was buying ones with Lightning McQueen on them, or Iron-Man or whatever, just to get them excited for their Vitamins.

Before long I realized that it doesn't matter whose on the jar... they like them because THEY TASTE LIKE CANDY.

The Bugs come SCREAMING, full speed ahead, into the kitchen when I tell them they can have a Vitamin.

I love that they think they are treats.

Boyfriend is OBSESSED with the ones without the little sugary stuff on the outside...

And of course Girlfriend likes the ones with the sugary stuff.

Sidenote: That might not be sugar at all, it just looks like it... It could be unicorn freckles, or kisses from Ghandi for all I know.

Since I'm all about comparative shopping, I did a little digging and of course, Vitacost's price on these Children's Gummies hands down the best around....especially for how many come in the package.

Want to get some cheap, healthy stuff for yourself??

Enter to win a $50 gift card to Vitacost below.

Good luck!

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  1. My husband also likes the gummy vitamins without unicorn freckles.

  2. I am still trying to get the items I requested with my winnings! Unfortunately their plan of sponsoring a giveaway is backfiring pretty hardcore.


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