I love our new sandbox so much.

I even told it.

After I swan dived into it and made sand angels while singing, "You Are My Sunshine."

I realize that this probably makes you think I am a nut job...

Which is fine, because after you whisper to the sand that it is soft and beautiful and such a good friend....

Being a nut job is pretty much par for the course.

Ya know?

Anyway.. Husband made Boyfriend a sandbox for his birthday.

It ended up being kind of pricey at just over $250, but it was totally worth it.

Even after I went to Lowe's and had 3 bags of sand open up ON MY FACE while I was loading them onto one of those flat cart things.

And because when sand starts falling from above your head onto your face your mouth automatically opens to say, "SHIIIITTTTTT," I went home with pounds of sand in MY ESOPHAGUS...

But it was still worth it... sandy mouth and all.

It was a huge hit at Boyfriend's birthday party, and the next day, after all the Junior Rangers had long since left, the Bugs got to break it in themselves.

And that... is when the skies opened and the angels looked down on our family and smiled.

Cause do you want to know what happened? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?

The kids played.


And together.

They didn't ask for Sippies, or food.

They didn't ask for help, they didn't ask to be picked up, or wiped.

They. Just. Played.

While Husband and I sat near by, in lawn chairs, soaking up some sun.

Dave Matthews sang from a stereo in the distance, and Husband and I just sat in the backyard, together, watching our babies, listening to music, and enjoying the sunshine.

The last time Husband and I laid out together at the same time was OUR HONEYMOON... in 2007.

Plus, hello, people... I got to SIT!!!

And if you know me at all, you know I am not a sitter, I am a "run around like a chicken with my head cut off-er"...

But for nearly two glorious hours on that beautiful Sunday morning... no one needed me to chase them, to wait on them, to carry them, to push them on the swings, to help them in the tree fort... nothing... no one needed me, and so, I sat.

It was amazing, not just for us, but for them too, because I think everyone does better with a little space and fresh air.

So for around $250, some sand in my stomach, and a few trips to Lowe's...

We got to have an entire morning of peace and quiet...

My senses were on high alert because I am not used to sitting still, so I can tell you exactly what it smelled like, looked like, sounded like... and even tasted like (sand, duh)...

But instead, I'll just say this; It. Was. Wonderful.

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