Lovebug's 4th Birthday Party, Part 1

Boyfriend proved to be a pain in the butt when he decided last minute that he no longer wanted a Ninja Turtle party, and instead wanted a Samurai Power Ranger party.

I had already planned how I would make each child their own shell with their name on it and what I would do for favors... yada, yada, yada.

And then he asks for the Samurai Ranger deal and I found myself back at square one.

Actually... I was at negative square one.... because at least there is such a thing as Ninja Turtle party decor...

But the big box stores have yet to catch on to the Samurai craze, and so I was left to my own devices as to how to make this party Samurai-ish.

Even the Inter-webs all but failed me with party ideas... there were so few Samurai parties out there, let alone age appropriate ones... so I literally had to USE MY OWN BRAIN for ideas.

I know... it scared me too.

I started with the invite... which I WAS able to find on line through a long search of google images.

I used PicMonkey to change around all the words, and add a few extra lines.

Then I had 13 copies printed at Walgreens for 2 bucks.

They were printed on photo paper, and I ordered two extras; One for the fridge and the other for Boyfriend's scrap book.

I have every birthday invitation he's ever had in there... because I think it will be so fun to look back on when he gets older.

Plus I am sappy, and a loser.

Next I ordered him his own Samurai t-shirt to wear at his party.

He asked for one and he used his baby blues on me so I caved and bought it instead of spending three hours making one.

The shirt was totally worth me NOT wasting a full night trying to make my own and then just effing it up anyway.

The cake was made by Husband's super talented cousin... and it was AWESOME.

I searched everywhere near us for Samurai stickers and tattoos but kept coming up empty handed... but I found these on Amazon, and they were perfect and came super quick.

I had a friend of mine set up a little tattoo station and the kids loved it!!

We sing the ABC's two times through in our house when applying tattoos, so it was cool to see all the little guys busting out their ABC's while they got tatted up.

I think goodie bags full of candy are kind of lame, so instead I went to a local trophy shop and bought blank medals for $2.95 a piece.

Then I bought this Activity book...

And used some stickers on the front and back to make my own custom Samurai medals ... they came out so cool!!

I also bought each kid a "bubbles sword," from Wal-Mart for 97 cents.

Then I used the left over stickers from the activity book to Samurai them up... 

So for $36 I had totally unique favors for the kids, and no one even noticed the lack of candy!

I also printed out Samurai printables from google images... and put some crayons on the table in case any of the kids decided they needed a break from the chaos.

I tried really hard to have lots of Power Ranger details because first of all, Boyfriend loves them... and second... I knew a lot of the kids invited had no clue who they were.

So I was trying to be in their face about the Rangers... thinking maybe we could make a new fan out of one of them??

If all of this didn't convert them... what happened next sure as Hell got their attention...

But I'll save that for Part 2.

Until then... Go Go Power Ranger.

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