It Was A Long Weekend...

First... I had an allergic reaction to Godknowswhat, and broke out in hives.

Then my eyes swelled shut.

I looked so crazy that when I casually looked in the mirror at 5:45 am and said... "Hey Babe, I think I need to go to the Hospital..." Husband actually JUMPED out of bed.

Just threw the covers off and started running around the room.

At 5:45 am.

For a man that hates the morning, that is something.

I am pretty sure he was also praying that I wouldn't; A) die and B) look at him.

I was not cute.

One visit to the ER later and the hives were mildly under control...

This is considered "better":

Twenty four hours later and my hives were just subsiding when my car broke down.

On the side of the Highway.


We waited 45 minutes to be picked up while cars whizzed by and the kids acted like insane caged beasts who wanted to be set free on the side of a Highway.

Holding them still was a workout... I was stressed, and sweating.

Which made my hives come back.


Lucky for us, we were all together.

Everything is easier when we are together.

My Father in Law came to the rescue, followed by the Pharmacist who handed me some steroids and stopped my hives from spreading any further.

Now that it's Tuesday, I can laugh at how terrible Saturday and Sunday were.

My eyes aren't swollen, and my car is getting fixed because the problem ended up being a recall issue.

So all is well in love and puffy eyes.

Oh and these two...

Are happy as Hell about being able to ride in Daddy's car while mine is in the shop.

You can always count on children to keep you focused on the simple and good things around us... we should all be such happy little souls.


  1. Uh oh! It's awful when things like that happen together. Glad you're okay now!

    I had an awful sequence of events a few months back (including car dramas) so I feel ya.

  2. Poor Mama!! Sending puffless vibes to you! I feel your pain, though. This past weekend until now has been a bitch over here. The planets must not be aligned. Or aligned. Who knows.


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