Figuring Out Four

Boyfriend has hit the terrible four's.

Or the, "Eff You Four's," as my Mother likes to refer to them.

Basically, this is a new stage where he knows it all... ignores everything I say.

Listening is not his strong suit.

I thought I wouldn't have to worry about this until he turned 16, but apparently he is a few years ahead of the game.


He is still my little doll, and loves his Mama...

But something about going out in public makes our little man think he is a tough guy... and he is getting VERRRY fresh.

I am having a hard time with it and hate not being able to have an answer for everything that my kids throw my way.

It's my nature to just be on top of it all... but sometimes, you just can't... sometimes they enter a new phase and you're like what the fucking fuck do I do to make this stop??

I got to thinking about this because one of my friends has a newborn, and he's is giving her trouble sleeping (as newborns are known to do)... and sometimes she doesn't know what to do or how to handle it....

I'm on that same playing field with Boyfriend... who is four years older, and stumping me and frustrating me all the same.

We are all trying to figure out the happy medium that can keep our babies happy, loved.... and not acting like spoiled brats.

We are all just trying to avoid the next melt down.... am I right??

Boyfriend's behavior on play dates has been on a downward slope for about a month now (since he got spoiled rotten on his birthday... hmmmm) , and although it makes me FURIOUS when he acts fresh.... I know that this is normal kid stuff.

And that all kids do it...

But no Mom wants their kid to act out... it affects the whole family when someone is acting like they shouldn't.

I try not to take it personally, but I do!

And it's the worst when we get in the car and Boyfriend is instantly like, "Mom. I was so fresh! I am so sorry, I yuv you, will you still marry me my Beautiful Mom?"

Yes... he is a suck up, but he means it too.

He can just be so damn sweet when he wants to be, which is why when he acts like a little troll on play dates, I get so frustrated!!

If only kids came with a book that said how to handle them at every age and stage... starting with conception.

Sadly, if such a book exists, my kids didn't show up with it.

So I'll keep trying to get Boyfriend to cut the 'tude in public, while other Moms try to get their kids to eat veggies, or sleep, or read, or put down the cell phones....

We all have something that we're working on... these kids are a work in progress, ya know???

Every day is a new phase, a new challenge, and a new chance to be a better listener...

And a better Mom.

I'll take it.

"A boy's best friend is his mother."
- Psycho


  1. Oh boy - you have me scared. I once heard that four year olds are the best aged kids ever. Whenever I deal with a tantrum or whiny day, I think, I still have my four year old to look forward to!

  2. I have found age 4 to be the most challenging with all of my kids so far. But it is also such a fun age. They are independent and curious and frustrating but oh so super cute!

    This made me laugh:

    "Or the, "Eff You Four's," as my Mother likes to refer to them."

    Because I refer to age 4 as the "effing 4's". lol

  3. This is totally going to be Hunter. He is a feisty pisser. He will yelllll at me and his face gets all red and he sticks his hands out to the side, and tenses his fingers. All over what? Nothing. He can't talk anyway. I am in so much trouble because obviously he is so sweet and adorable two seconds later.


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