The Besties Update

Before Girlfriend was born my mom kept reminding me of all the times my brother tried to kill me as a toddler.. it was terrifying.

Like I wasn't stressed enough about adding another person to our only child family...

Now I had to worry about whether or not Boyfriend would accidentally drop an exact-o knife into her knee. (That happened). (To me, not Girlfriend).

Fortunately for us... Boyfriend welcomed his sister into our home almost immediately and aside from asking me when her Mom was coming to pick her up and take her home... things have been pretty close to ideal ever since.

Of course, they fight and terrorize each other a couple times a day, I mean they are normal....

But more often than not they can be found side by side... causing trouble together.

We are so happy to be able to call these two a team.

And they are, a team, in every sense of the word.

Where he goes, she goes... what he does, she does.

When he's at school, she paces, and waits, and calls his name... even though he isn't around to answer her.

When she looks adorable, he tells her... when she says a new word, he's proud of her.

It is a wonderful friendship that I didn't push ... but I did pray for it.

I wanted so badly for Boyfriend to have a partner in crime, and even as they grow older, they continue to be two peas in a box pod.

It surprises me every day just how much they love each other... it is amazing.

And pretty freaking adorable too... if I do say so myself.

If you're out there expecting your second child and wondering how your first will feel about a new baby in the family... take it from me, a sibling is the best gift that we have ever given our children.

They are honestly lost without the other one.

They've been close for so long now that sometimes I have to remind myself that this isn't a phase... it's a friendship.

And it makes us so proud.

I knock on wood every day that things turned out so wonderful... because Lord knows it could be worse (I've got the scars to prove it... but don't worry, my brother loves me now... I think.)

I hope they stay this close for the rest of their lives...

They make my heart full and my eyes crinkle with happiness...

Plus it doesn't hurt that my mother was wrong, and it's always good when that happens.

Just sayin'.


  1. Thank you. With number #2 coming when #1 will be 23 months old, I have so many doubts and scary thoughts floating through my head on a daily basis.

    1. The Bugs are 26 months apart and it is absolutely possible to have siblings that are friends... the hardest part for me was the very first month with two... that's when your older child will need the most attention. You will do great! Excited for you, how much longer?

  2. This is too sweet! Our girls are step-sisters, so they don't have the sibling bond AT ALL. It makes me sad. I hope if we ever have a child together, things will kind of all pull together. I hope.


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