The other day I called my friend Rachie...

Me: Hi.

Her: Hi.

Me: Want to paint an American flag rock in my backyard?

Her: Yup.

I love that I didn't even have to convince her at all.

She was just like:

"Yup, I do want to spray paint the shit out of nature at your house and even though I've never done this before, I am all about it because it's your yard, not mine, and ohplusalso... FUMES!!"

Just kidding... she didn't say any of that.

Husband and I were almost ballsy enough to do it ourselves but then we were like ehhhh... let's ask Rachie.

She has helped us with so many artsy projects in the past, and is super talented,  so we totally trusted her to make my dream a reality.

Plus... she is freakishly strong so if we hated it she could probably just pick the rock up and toss it in the woods like it ain't no thang... so we knew asking her was the way to go.

Good thing we did because it came out AWESOME.

The blue lips that my child is sporting are from a Popsicle, not from licking the rock... although I wouldn't put it past her.

I have always wanted an American flag rock, strange but true.

I can't remember how old I was when I first saw a rock with a small American flag on it somewhere in Westchester, NY... but ever since then, I've wanted one to call my own.

Lucky for me, we bought a house with a ton of huge ass rocks in our backyard.

I could give you the blow by blow of how she did it in a long and boring blog post with lots of adjectives and spray paint jokes... but it's really so much more fun to look at pictures... so here ya go:

Isn't it so fun and happy??

I am in love and we are taking the rock with us when we move.

Thank Goodness my Husband is a Veteran and it's like a sin for him to say no to putting an American flag anywhere except his face.

I love that I can see it from my kitchen window while I'm doing dishes, or from the couch when I'm watching TV. folding laundry.

It's impossible not to feel extra American and happy when you look in your backyard and see a giant rock yelling like " 'MERICA. FUCK YEA."  right in your face.

You watch... American flag rocks are going to be the new "it" thing in suburban backyard decor...

Ya heard it hear first folks...

Spray paint, plus big rock, equals love.


  1. Haha that's pretty awesome. It turned out great!

  2. I actually share your love for a flag rock or tree. The trees in Newtown have a great flag.... One day well do it. We need a house first lol.
    Yours came out great :)


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