End of the Year Class Picture

A few months ago, Lovebug's class had a super expensive photographer come in and take beautiful black and white pictures of the kids... he charged $27 for a 5 x 7.

I know.

We took the bait anyway because, hello, my child looked cute as hell in his first ever class picture.

The photographer also offered to take pictures of Girlfriend, who also looked cute as hell...

So, fifty four dollars later I had two pictures of the kids... pricey huh??

Anyway, Mr. Expensive and Talented Photog didn't stop there... he also wanted $27 for the class picture...

Which was just out of the damn question if you ask me.

I really wanted the picture, but not for twenty seven bucks.

So my friend Jen, who has taken some amazing pictures of the Bugs, offered to go in and take a year end picture of the kids, and have them blown up at CVS.

She even paid for all of them ($8) for the whole class.

What a doll right??

Anyway... when I saw the best shot she got, I was A) not surprised and B) wheezing because I couldn't stop laughing.

For real I was momentairly like... am I having a heart attack?

I know all preschoolers kinda look alike... so I'll give you a hint as to which one is him.

The one whose ass crack is showing.

This shot exceeded every expectation that I could have ever had for picture day, and is now hanging in the kitchen... right near the chicken balls.



  1. Hahahahaha - this may just beat my daughter's first ever daycare picture.


    Although, I kinda think they are both quite hilarious.

  2. CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, you made my day.

    Will be back to read more soon.



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