Butter Cream Frosting Fail

Last week my friend Amy had her baby!

She welcome Jonah Cole into the world late on a Thursday night, and while she was push, push, pushing out a nearly 10 (!!) pound baby, the Bugs and I were making cupcakes.

I had high hopes of bringing a whole plate of baby blue deliciousness to the hospital so that Amy and Jonah could pass them out to visitors like... "Hey! Thanks for coming to my first birthday party! Have some yum!"

Unfortunately, when you have happy hooligans for children like I do... things don't always go as planned.

We made the cupcakes no problem, they were in the oven baking their little cupcake faces off when Girlfriend and I decided to whip up some AMMMMAZING home made butter cream frosting (recipe coming soon).

Not that I stuck my finger into the frosting, but I did... and this shit was good...

Like clogged my arteries and gave me diabetes in one bite good.

I know.

Anyway... we finished making the frosting and I unlocked the mixer top so that it was leaning back, with all that frosting goodness dripping down off the whisk.

Since I had no clue what was about to happen, I didn't take a picture of this... but a quick google search gave me the image below to kind of draw a picture for you.

Except imagine way more frothy delicious frosting puffed up all around the whisk looking so amazing and scrumptious that you want to stick your head into it.

So I turn my back to open the oven and get the cupcakes out, and my Girlfriend decides that since she can't stick her head into it... she will do the next best thing...

Stick the mop in it.

When I heard her say... "I stir... I stir..." I just knew I was going to turn around and see the mop, that had just been covered in Pine Sol a half hour earlier, all up in that frosting.

And it was.

Mother freaking effer.

Whose child mops frosting?

Mine. Mine does.

At this point I am so mad that I just want to say fuck nineteen times... really fast too... like the Micro Machine guy.

Because hello... number 1... that shit was delicious and number 2... poor Jonah can't give out Pine Sol cupcakes.

Since I knew that the frosting was amazing tasting, I decided to risk my life and see if it tasted like Pine Sol.

It did... it was still good, but very "the secret ingredient is mop," tasting.

Lucky for all of you... unlucky for me...  and Jonah... the frosting had to be trashed.

Which means I got to make an entirely NEW batch of the good stuff... with lots of pictures and no Pine Sol.

So some time next week I will post the recipe I used and you can get your hands on the easiest most delicious frosting recipe ever.

Until then... if you're looking for a moral to this story... I have decided that it is this...

Fuck mopping the floors.

It ruins everything.


  1. Best line: "Whose child mops frosting? Mine. Mine does." Also appreciate that you tasted the ftrsting, post mop, to see if frosting could still be used. Sort of like an anti-bacterial dessert. So american.

    1. Haha you had me laughing out loud with this comment!


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