If I know anything about ((most)) three year olds, it is this:

Number One: More often than not they don't listen for shit.

Number Two: They love playing with the hose.

Combine the two and you've got yourself a super high water bill... and kids that are like.. "Ooops, I got wet... I need to take my clothes off and be nakkkkkked in the front yard, weee!"

Trust me. I know.

I was complaining about this to my friend Jen the other day, and she was all:

"Put the baby proofing door knob thing on there."


I have the smartest friends in the world.

Why didn't I think of that!??

The baby door knob thinger was the perfect solution to my water problems!

Side note; This just happened on my side of the screen:

 Spell check tells me that "thinger" is not a word... and I'm all, "Listen spell check... it's a word, if I say it's a word, bitch."

Anyway back to the THINGER (spellcheck, bitch)... it fit on the hose handle no problemo and I couldn't even contain my excitement tonight when I was playing outside with the kids.

I'm pretty sure I'm evil cause I was like laughing because my kids didn't even KNOW that I rigged up their hose playground and I just couldn't even wait for them to try to turn that knob.

When Lovebug eventually ran for the hose, I could hear the brakes in his little kid legs like ERRRRRRRTTTT.

His face was like: Hold the phone... what the....

And I was all... "Mwahhhhahaha."

I told him that the water man came during nap time and told me that the fish in the ocean were running out of water, and they looked into it and decided the water coming out of our hose actually belonged to the fish, and the fish would die if we used the hose too much.

Okay... so mayyyybe I overdid it with the fish dying... but it worked.

Thank God for that... because our front yard was starting to look like a circus with our plants drowning and our kids running around in their birthday suits...

Fingers crossed that our water bill will go down too!!

The thinger for the win!

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  1. Oh, you're not evil for enthusiastically antipating the handle rig response. No. It's just that kids so often put crazy things over on us that it's nice to enjoy the moments when we outsmart them.


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