Baby Shower Photo Dump

It's been over a month since I helped my friend Jessica host an owl themed baby shower for our friend Amy... and I still haven't gotten around to posting these pictures.

I am a terrible blogger.

Amy is due TODAY with her first baby (a boy!)... and she is eager (to say the least) to deliver and get this motherhood party started already!

At the off chance that babies have the Internet in the womb these days (ya never know) and he is reading this blog... let me just take this opportunity to say... "Listen up kid... this is your EVICTION NOTICE. GET OUT."

Okay back to the shower... Jessica was an amazing hostess.

She wanted so badly for Amy to have a perfect day and for everything to run smoothly, I give her an A+ for her attention to detail... she did so awesome.

The baby's nursery is loosely owl and forrest themed, so I had some owl cupcakes made and Jessica found these great owl clothes pins, and used them to hang up onesies that she knew Amy would like.

We also made a scrapbook, and left pages for guests to fill in with advice for the Mommy to Be.

I wrote a quick dedication poem for the front page, and now Amy has a book full of info and well wishes from the women closest to her.

We did a "go green" theme and asked people to leave the wrapping paper at home, which made opening gifts super quick and stress free for the Mommy to Be.

We kept it super casual by handing her a gift, letting her pull out one or two things to show around the room, and then moving on.

This kept the pace moving and no one was checking their watch or trying to escape.

The whole afternoon was low key, and no pressure, exactly how Amy wanted it.

The room was filled with old friends, and tales of motherhood and poop...

Amy looked wonderful and was the picture of a beautiful, healthy Mother to be...

And Jessica was relaxed and handled a house full of 30 people like a seasoned pro.

I was so proud of both of my best friends, and am ready for that baby to COME OUT...

Finally, a baby that I can kiss and snuggle when he is happy, and hand off when he cries!!

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