Turning Thirty...

Gahhh.... last weekend I turned 30.

Insert every four letter word in the book here.

It feels like the playing field is suddenly very level.

Like I'm not younger than anyone... in the WORLD anymore.

I am 30, which is equal to 32, and 37, and 57, and 97...and I swear I saw my Grandmother looking me up and down this weekend like we were going after the same man or something.

Thirty feels like I am officially old and should stick to wool cardigans and loafers with pennies in them.

Thankfully, my amazing sister, Morgan, knew that if I didn't have something to do on my birthday I might just buy a pair of all white New Balances and start mall walking my life away... so she threw Husband and I a Surprise Party!!

What a doll right?

There are no actual pictures of our surprised faces, because we were in the car, starring at 50 other cars in my parent's driveway like...

What?? What!? Did you know about this? Did you know? Did I know? Do you know these cars? Who are these people? Is that Jordan? Is that Jessica? What is HAPPENING!

When Lovebug was like.... DUH! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY! LET'S GO!

He was over the moon excited about seeing every person he loves in the whole world.


Anyway, Morgan recruited my other siblings, my parents, and one of my best friend's, Jessica, to help her throw Husband and I a Fiesta style surprise party... because Husband's birthday is Cindo de Mayo.

It was so great for us to have all of our oldest friends in one place... plus our parents and siblings too.

If I am going to be completely honest... it was the single best day I have had for MYSELF since becoming a Mom.

It was that good.

I am not just saying that because it was my birthday and I am touched by how many people showed up for us.

It was amazing because our kids had a blast, Husband was entertained, I was entertained, the kids weren't so needy that we couldn't have a good time...

It was perfect.

For my birthday I had asked Husband to let me go shopping and get my hair done... to let me have some time to work on me.

So for the first time in a long time, I didn't feel like a frumpy stay at home Mom... I felt like I looked like a normal person that puts on a bra before noon.

I got to wear new jewelry that the Bugs picked out for me, my hair was done, Girlfriend was my twin... I felt like I had a purpose beyond wiping butts for once.

It felt pretty great, not gonna lie.

My siblings and friends continually stepped in and to make sure the kids were safe, busy, and letting us have our day.

And that's why I loved every minute of our party... I was SO. RELAXED. I had NOTHING to worry about... for one full day, I just got to be myself.

The person. The adult, the granddaughter, the best friend, the wife, the woman.

Not just the Mom.

I LOVE our children, but I was happy to be myself for a few hours.


With all four grandparents plus aunts, uncles, and great grandparents present... we had all the help and support we needed with the kids, which let us enjoy time with friends we never get to see.

I felt zero pressure... I felt only joy and gratitude... I was so so thankful to everyone who went out of their way for us, and who came to celebrate starting a third decade with us.

At the end of the day, I still felt old... and weird about being 30... those loafers were still banging around in the back of my brain...

But my feelings towards this new strange age paled in comparison to how very loved I felt.

We are so thankful, and so blessed.

** I realize that it looks like Husband was hardly at this party... That's just because all of his oldest friends were there too, so we were socializing in opposite directions all day long. And he too, is grateful that everyone came to celebrate and surprise us for our 30th 26th birthdays.


  1. Aww this makes me so happy for you! It sounds like the perfect day. And of course you look amazing! Happy belated 26th-ish birthday!

  2. Bahahah!! Mall walking your life away. Genius. Happy dirty thirty sista. You look amazing!!

    1. Thank you! The happiness was beaming out of my pores!

  3. Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday is cinco de mayo too--spesh!!!

  4. Looks like your birthday celebration was a blast! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like a great time. My husband and I are turning the big 3-0 this year too. Me in September and him in December.


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