Spring Day One

The kids and I hit up a local park yesterday to fly kites with friends and just be outside in the WARM SUN!!

Girlfriend was wearing a pair of hand me down rain boots that were waaay too big.

So when we let the kids run around on the skate park....

Girlfriend decided that she had had enough of her too big boots, kicked them off... and ran freeeee...

Right into a puddle.

Lucky for me, my friend Jen not only embraces the same type of, "they're only young once," parenting style as I do...

But she's also an aspiring photographer... and was able to catch all of these beautifully weird moments for me to cherish forever.

The puddle party only lasted long enough for Girlfriend to get good and soaked.

A few minutes later and we were headed home, Girlfriend in dry clothes and Boyfriend thrilled about his kite flying, puddle jumping morning.

Day One of Spring was a success.

They got dirty, were no more fresh than usual, and took extra long naps.

I want more... of all that...every day... starting now...go.


  1. She looks so happy playing in that puddle! Worth it, I'd say. I can't wait until 'spring' actually hit around here.

  2. These are really good pictures!


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