Speaking Clearly

My sister in law, Kit, is very observant.

A few months ago she sat quietly, soaking it all in, as she is known to do, as I gave instructions to the kids and the husband.

I'm not sure what exactly I was instructing them to do at the time, but I am a Mother, so it's safe to say that it had to do with taking care OF EVERYTHING.

Anyway, back to Kit, who was still sitting quietly watching it all happen...

She sat watching me try desperately to get someone, ANYONE(!) to pay attention to me as the Husband drank his beer and the kids hung from the rafters.

Just when I thought no one in the world could hear me speaking, Kit laughed and said:

"No one listens to you."

That moment has stuck with me for months, because here was someone who sees me every other month or so... not someone that sees our day to day life.

Someone that is observant, and thought, and educated...

Someone.... who hit the nail on the fucking head.

If you are a Mother, or a wife, or a Girlfriend, or a Boyfriend, or Husband, or Father... chances are, you feel like no one is listening to you sometimes, too.

Our morning today began like this:

Me: Stop feeding the lion yogurt.

Five minutes later...

Me: Stop feeding the lion cantaloupe.

And so it went...

I told my children to stop feeding zoo animals that they aren't even supposed to have at the table... and they continued to ignore me and feed them anyway.

I was thinking about these stupid animals that would inevitably be sticky and gross when my Mother called.

Do you know what she said?

No, really...

Do you know what she said?

Because I wasn't listening.

I mean I was... kind of, while I dressed one kid and pulled another one out of the refrigerator.

After Lovebug was safely at school and I had a moment to think I realized that it is probably never going to end.

I am almost 30 years old, and I still don't listen to my Mother.

Or my Father.

I was mourning the loss of anyone ever listening to me EVER again when I stood at the kitchen sink and started cleaning the breakfast dishes.

I looked down and saw the lion, covered in yogurt and realized something.

Maybe they aren't listening because I am not speaking clearly enough... loud enough... or, dare I say it... correct enough.

I am not too proud to admit when I am wrong... and this time, I was wrong.

It wasn't a lion at all.

It was a tiger.

Suddenly the world made sense again, they weren't not listening, they were listening perfectly!

I just wasn't making any sense!!

How could they stop feeding a lion when they weren't feeding one to begin with!


This means that my super observant sister in law was actually wrong... people do listen, I just need to work on my delivery!

Which means that maybe I don't have to live a life of being ignored!

I had it all wrong!

I was smiling to myself and soaping up the TIGER'S head when I realized that this still does not explain why I don't listen to my parents.

Can't win 'em all, right?


  1. I think in my case, my kids really aren't listening to me. At all (unless I'm speaking about them - different story then). I swear I'm a broken record for much of the day. Sigh....

  2. No one every listens to me either. I think it's just a way of life, because really, I don't listen to many people either. Maybe it needs to start with us?

    Or maybe I just need to slap boyfriend to get his attention and then say what I want to say.


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