SIBU Review and Giveaway

It's not everyday that a company emails me and asks if I will review a product for MYSELF, and not the kids.

Actually... it's never.

So when I heard from SIBU Beauty about trying one of their Vegan Skin Care Products, I was excited to say the least.

Sibu gave me my pick of any item on their website, and because I am obsessed with exfoliating, I chose their Sea Buckthorn Exfoliating Scrub.

I'll admit... I had my doubts.

I don't know why the term, "Vegan," made me think that this product would be soft and made from daisy leaves and butterfly kisses... but I did.

I pretty much thought it wouldn't hold a candle to my chemical ridden over the counter product of yore.

Well... I was wrong. Like 150% wrong.

I love it.

And I asked for more for my birthday.

You wanna know why?

Well for starters, my skin feels fresh, and clean, and soft... all the time.

And... HUSBAND likes it too.

I know.

We already used the whole bottle.

I know.

For an exfoliating lover like myself, this face scrub is the bee's freaking knees (not literally, it's Vegan, remember?).

Imagine if Mother Nature and Lady Gaga had a baby... well this face scrub is it.

It's all natural, but totally abrasive... in a good way.

I'm almost certain that SIBU put all the sand in all the land into that sexy little bottle.

I looove it... it puts every other exfoliating face wash that I have ever tried to shame. Every one.

Of course it's not actually the sand that makes my skin feel like an angel face, it's the Omega-7.

Sea buckthorn berry, which is the key ingredient in all Sibu Beauty products, is chock full of Omega-7 goodness... in addition to the more common Omega's 3, 6, and 9.  

It's all about the Omega's ya'll... they are the critical in providing cellular support for strong hair, skin, and nails.

Alright Girlfriends, now for the fun part.

You know you want to have an angel face for yourself... and SIBU is giving away any one beauty product to one lucky winner!

And if you don't win, but still want to score some SIBU goodies... you can use discount code SIBU10DEAL to save 10% on your purchase. The code is good until the end of April!

Good Luck, and happy shopping!    

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Disclaimer:  I am genuinely obsessed with this product and how it makes my skin feel. It is AMAZING and I want more more more for my birthday. 

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