Kids Today...

People say it all the time, but kids today are different than when I was growing up.

And now that I have said that sentence, I officially feel like I am 100 years old... but it's true.

People often marvel at how well Girlfriend can make her way around an i-Phone... which is shocking because, hello... I don't even have an i-Phone.

Anyway... today this happened.

I gave the kids a snack, turned on the TV, closed the gates behind me, and headed for the bathroom.

If you have no kids, you don't get why this is a treat but if you have children you know that peeing by yourself is a novelty so I was like...


I get into the bathroom, put my cell phone on sink, and close the door.

The very second that I shut the door, my phone rings.

It's Husband.

I think this is kind of weird because he is upstairs working at his desk and I am wondering why he is calling me, instead of just walking downstairs to talk to me, but I answer anyway...

"Hello?" I'm trying not to sound bitchy but for the LOVE OF GOD I can never pee in peace.

And from the other side of the phone... I hear:


Now I know that my 20 month old daughter can't read well enough to purposely call me on the phone...

But she did... she pushed the button, she made the call, she waited while it rang, and then when I answered, she knew exactly what to do....

Start bothering me about when I was going to be out of the bathroom.

She couldn't open the gate... so she just called me instead.

Smart cookie.

Ohandplusalso... a trouble maker.


  1. I fully understand not being able to have "alone time" in the bathroom. Even when I have help I end up taking one of my twins with me. It is so funny how your daughter was able to call you. I can't wait to see what new technology comes out for my daughters to use. They are 11-months-old. When I was little I wished I would be able to chat with someone face-to-face through the phone and now we have Skype and FaceTime. Just amazing!

  2. Hahahaha, I'm totally impressed.

  3. That's so awesome! You always crack me up.


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