Easter Photo Shoot

It was bound to happen.... my, "Feed them new and interesting food," technique betrayed me.... and these pictures came out pretty terrible.

I mean, they are still cute, but they aren't what I had hoped for.

This shoot was doomed from the beginning... I picked the wrong fabric, it was dark out, Husband wasn't home so it was just a one camera shoot (we always use two and it works so much better), both kids were tired and ready for bed when I pulled out the jelly beans and bunny ears...

That's my fault, I should know better than to get them wound up, duh.

Plus the kids were like moths to a flame for those jelly beans, they had full chipmunk cheeks and drippy, green spit foaming out of their mouths the whole time.

So much nomming... not so much looking at the camera.

I took 47 pictures and 40 of them have two heads looking down, grabbing jelly beans and shoving them into their faces.

Anyway, these are all first world problems... they are happy, healthy, and cute even in these pictures that only a Grandparent could love.

Take a look at the best of the worst....

If you've been reading for five minutes, you know that I am obsessed with my kids, even when they act like kids and don't take perfect pictures...

So of course I already framed one of these photographic monstrosities to put out every year at Easter.

And there's already a new plan in place for future photo shoots... feed them veggies so at least they will look at the camera long enough to yell at me and complain!

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