True Story Thursday

Someone recently said to me... "Ridiculous really does happen to you on the daily."

People. I know.

Every time I talk to my college roommate she laughs and says... "Things like this only happen to you."

I am aware.

Today's nonsense began when my daughter threw a fit because the clothes I was putting on her did not provide easy access to her nipples.

You read that right... if she can't reach her nipples, then she can't wear the shirt.

 Which is why she is constantly just taking her clothes off... gotta reach the bo-bos.

Yes, she calls them bo-bos... but she means nipples, so it's just as weird.

I find myself saying things like... "Just unzip your hoodie a little bit and then you can reach in and play with them all you want."

I may be an enabler, but if her bo-bos are going to keep her calm then so be it.

Ridiculous came again two hours later when Lovebug handed me bread he made for us at school.

Like, oh, no big deal, here's some bread... with an EGG IN IT.

I couldn't help but wonder if this is like the time he glued the chicken's gobbler thing to its butt and made it into balls...

The teacher told me that I am the only parent that was blessed with the chicken ball picture, and that every other child put the gobbler where it belongs, below the beak.

So... am I the only parent whose child forgot to crack the egg?

Did everyone else's bread get egg cooked INTO it and not ONTO it??

I was still questioning the egg bread ordeal when I put Lovebug down for his nap.

We were changing him into his clothes for nap time when he took off his pants, looked down, and said...

"Hmm. Yooks yike I yeft my underwear at school."

HOW does one just "yeave" their underwear somewhere?!

I mean, I know how it happens in College, but how does it happen in Pre School??

Before I could ask, he explained:

"You know how I yike to take off my pants, and socks, and shoes, and undies, when I go poop? I did that at school. "

And I'm all..."So that means your underwear is where?"

And he's like... "At school. In the potty. I fink."

Says the free balling three year old.

Can't wait to email his teacher and ask if she found any underwear.

Ya just can't make this stuff up.


  1. Oh my! I had a good giggle at the chicken balls... :)

  2. cracking up!!!! haha and yes - the bread is supposed to be like that!!! its a classic Easter bread!!!

  3. This is hilarious. You always make me chuckle on the real.

  4. yikes. just an all around yikes.

  5. I can't stop laughing.


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