Oy. Tile.

No lie, we have purchased and returned more than 30 different tile back splashes in the last four days.

We are Lowe's and Home Depot regulars... even more so than usual.

Plus we have fifteen samples from a local tile specialty shop... so they know our names too, and are starting to roll their eyes when they see us coming.

We have serious commitment issues; it is amazing that we ever got married.

I have nine thousand pictures of mosaic tile on my phone right now...

And then we decided that the mosaic look might be too "cold" with the warm color of our cabinets (Husband kindly told me there was no way in Hell that he would paint them)...

So now we are toying with the idea of using the mosaic as an accent.

Husband is obsessed and talks about nothing but tile anymore.

Seriously, he was in a hotel on a business trip sending me pictures like this...

Yes, he went out and bought tile so he could play around with backsplash ideas.

This is the Italian in him trying to come out and tile my whole house.

All that to say... we have decided on nothing... but our sink is fixed!

Thank God for that.

The kids have been super patient with this whole kitchen process (much more so than me) and Lovebug is especially interested in helping every step of the way.

If only budget were not a problem... I'd buy this backsplash...

I love you ming green hexagon tile.

And pay this man to install it:

Not that Channing Tatum knows how to install a tile back splash... but if he wants to learn, I'm willing to let him practice at our house.


  1. Only if....only if.....

    ;) I'm looking forward to see what you and your hubs picked out!

  2. I think the ones your husband sent you would look great with your cabinet color! Its tricky with the light cabinets and dark counters though...


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