You know when you hug someone so hard that you aren't even actually hugging them you're really squeezing them?

Like when you hold someone so tight that you can feel the breath pop out of their throat and their like...

"Ugggh... I love you too, but I can't breath!"

And you're like... "But OMG I love you so much I just want to squeeze you till your head pops off!"

And you squeeze a little tighter like... "EEEEEEE!!!!"

Because it's exciting, you know?

When you love someone so much that you don't even hug them, you squeeeeeeze them...


In this house, squeezing is a daily activity.

In fact, it happens so much around here, that it is now apart of Girlfriend's animal noises repetiore.

Cat... dog... cow... squeeze... horse... duck... you get the idea.


I know... she's cute huh?

I love that little chocolate covered maniac.


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