Medicine Dropper Art

After Lovebug was done losing his shit over his sister's hair yesterday, I decided to try to calm them both down with some painting.

Sometimes the only way to achieve silence is by letting them making a mess...

And since Lovebug isn't super into anything crafty these days (aside from his Little Red Hen masterpiece), I knew I had to put an unusual spin on it to get him interested.

I set my Girlfriend up with some watercolors, and then sat down to teach Boyfriend how to fill a medicine dropper with paint, and make a ginormous mess.

He caught on quick.

I loved that he had to think about how to use the dropper; each and every time he filled it he was really quiet and focusing on filling it up just right.

He loved that he got to shoot that shit all over the place and I didn't care if he made a mess.

I thought ahead and gave him two small droppers, that only held 3 ML each... so the paint came out in smaller, more manageable portions.

I didn't actually know what kind of paint to use, so I just mixed some water and finger paint and figured no matter what it would be colorful and messy, and that's really all that matters to a three year old boy.

It was kind of chunky, but it did the job and Lovebug loved watching the chunks get sucked up into the droppers... the more disgusting the better for little boys, ya know?

I was well prepared and had a stack of 50 papers ready to go...

As soon as he soaked through one sheet, I plopped a fresh one in front of him before he could lose interest.

Moms of boys know you gotta be on your toes... quickness is key!

A second of idle time equals an opportunity to let their ADD (All Day Dancing) creep in and take over.

Lucky for me, Lovebug stayed calm and focused for AN ENTIRE HOUR.

That is pretty much a decade in three year old boy time, so color me excited about this one.

Ohandplusalso... he has asked to do this again 100 times since... I KNOW!

He was being so wonderful, that I even braved the freezing ass cold and got twenty seven misfired shots of paint on my hardwood floors to let him do this in the snow:

Whatever keeps him busy slash happy slash quiet slash not attacking his sister... right??

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