Let There Be Light

This past weekend we made a little more progress on our kitchen makeover.

We started by ditching the light over the window.

(new back splash next weekend, yay!)
It was actually kind of new, we just bought it last year, but it didn't fit the look we are going for right now... so it got the boot.

In it's place we put this mini pendant light by Allen & Roth, from Lowe's.

I freaking love anything Allen & Roth.

I don't know who those guys are, but their taste is exquisite and I want it all.

Plus... this light did not break the bank... it was a steal at $40.

And the best part?

I mean other than the fact that I got to watch my handsome husband install it...

This light gave us a moment.... or maybe Girlfriend gave it to us... either way, we had one.

When Husband and I stood back against the wall to check our new and improved lighting situation, we must have both crossed our arms over our chests in a.... what do you think?... kinda way.

We know that we both crossed our arms because right at that moment Girlfriend walked into the room.

She looked first at me, and then at Husband...

Then she folded her arms over her chest, turned around, and backed that thang up until she was standing in between us like... So...What are we looking at??

Husband and I tried not to laugh while we eyed each other over her head; mentally daring the other to move cautiously and GET THE CAMERA!!

Of course I'm the one who moved first... because I am a Mom, which means I am also part Ninja.

I tried not to breathe or blink when I took two quick steps across the room, grabbed my phone and  snapped a picture of Husband looking at the light and trying not to laugh...

While Girlfriend with her little arms crossed was like... What are we even doing right now?? 

I can't even.

She should just punch me right in the gut next time...

Just bypass the whole cute little legs, onesie, arms crossed bit... just give me a mini knuckle sandwich right in the belly button and put me out of my misery.

Because when she does something as cute as this...

Forget it.... I for real can't even breathe or think with so much adorableness going on...

I was a puddle of Mommy meltedness and I was so wrapped up in Girlfriend's chubby little arms that I legit looked at Husband like... what the Hell I was even doing before this moment came into my life and slapped me in my face??

Why was I standing against the wall again??



  1. I love the light bulb! It looks great!! Your little girlfriend is just adorable and hilarious. :)

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