Kissy Kissy

Girlfriend has a new obsession... and it doesn't have anything to do with eating non-edible objects.

It's kissing.

She does it all day long.

It is adorable and so scrumptious that I just want to put her in my pocket and squeeze her kissy little head off.

Like everything else with my Girlfriend, her kissing is done to excess.

The other day I caught her leaning in to kiss the wall.

Seriously... is there anything cuter than a kid so full of love that they want to kiss every damn thing, even the wall?

I think not.

She may be a silly child, but she takes her kissing very seriously.

Girlfriend does not laugh when she lays them on us...kissing is no laughing matter folks.

 She is serious and happy to kiss, kiss, kiss just about anyone who comes in her sight.

For example, today she kissed the sales lady at the tile store.

Yup, that happened.

When she wakes up in the morning she immediately, stands, grabs whatever part of me is within reach (usually my hand, or wrist), and starts kissing.

Sometimes she even puckers her little lips up through the rails of her crib and lays a few on my knee caps before she stands up.

I'm gonna go ahead and take credit for being the kissy influence in this house, and say she got it from me... the kids are smothered in kisses from sun up to sun down.

Girlfriend is truly a testament of the type of love I like to see flowing through this house.

She is a weird, and wonderful child... and I am so glad that this little kissing monster is all ours.


  1. So sweet! Baby kisses are my absolute favorite thing in the world. Even when they leave snot and drool all over my face. Love is love.


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