Did you ever realize how weird the things we consider normal are?

It occurred to me the other day that Lovebug will probably lose his first tooth within the next year or so, and that I should probably talk to him about it and prepare him for the big day.

I began:

"Hey Bud... did you know that one day you will lose your baby teeth?"

"Why? I don't want to yose my teeth."

"Well.. when you get older, your teeth will start to get loose and then one by one they will fall out..."


"But Bud... then you'll get bigger ones...like Mommy and Daddy have."

"No! I yike my yittle teeth! I don't yike big teeth! "

"But then the tooth fairy will come!"

"I will punch the tooth fairy in her face if she tries to take my teeth!"

Well alright then. Clearly this wasn't going well.

I decided to try another angle.

"But it's so exciting! The tooth fairy will sneak into your room while you are sleeping, and reach under your pillow..."

"WHAT?! That's scary! No, I'm gonna tell her to yeave me ayone!"

"But Bud... your baby teeth will go to new babies, because they need teeth too! And we need to recycle!"

I have no idea what I am even saying anymore, I just know that Lovebug is legit scared of the Tooth Fairy now; and it is probably definitely all my fault.

Good thing I'm not the one who will give him the birds and the bees talk one day... because clearly I can not handle life changing conversations about anything... even the friggin' tooth fairy.


  1. Oh, sweet Jesus, that might be the CUTEST video I've ever seen. Seriously.

    "Uh-huh. So yeave me alone!" LOVE your voice too, btw.

  2. "yeave me alone!" I seriously laughed out loud. and you do have such a nice voice! I sound like a dude.


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