Don't Tie Her Hair.

Even though the Bugs are the best of friends...

They do fight about one thing, on a regular basis, without fail... no matter what.

Girlfriend's hair.

Sometimes we show up places and Girlfriend looks like she crawled out from under a bush, where little birds had been building a nest in her hair.

I'm a little embarrassed by her crazy Don King hair, but to be honest... letting her look crazy is easier than fighting with Boyfriend about it.

I have no freaking idea what that kid's problem is with his sister's hair... but he is VERY protective of it, and absolutely hates when I pull it back.

Or as he calls it... "tie her hair."

I must hear it 100 times a week, "Don't tie her hair! Don't tie her hair!"

He goes bullshit when I put a ponytail or pig tails in Girlfriend's hair, I just don't get it.

For awhile, Husband and I just kind of obeyed Lovebug's weird hair rules, but now Girlfriend is getting older and bringing me elastics and asking for her hair to be done.

Which means we have drawn a line in the sand and basically told him that as long as she is asking for her hair to be done, he can not, under any circumstances, touch her hair.

When he is at school, it's no problem, I can put her hair up, and it stays put because Boyfriend isn't around to eff with it.... but when he is around, all Hell breaks lose.

I caught some of the chaos today on video; because we think this behavior is weird as Hell, and we don't understand it, so... we record it.

Lovebug was stuck on the opposite side of the baby gates and couldn't get to Girlfriend's hair... which caused a mental freaking break down on his part.

You know what... just watch and see.

We don't get it either... but it makes us laugh, in an our kids are super freaking weird kinda way.


  1. OMG...he is a freak! And I mean that in the nicest aunt-like way!

  2. omg..........so freaking funny. I can't stop watching. THANK.YOU.FOR.SHARING. kids are so weird and it's so refreshing when we share with each other..makes me feel so much better about my weird kids.


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