What Does That Even Mean?

Husband and I went to bed last night at 11:30 or so, and when we walked by Lovebug's room we could hear him chatting away.

His voice would race up, like he was angry, and then be kind of quiet again.

Knowing that there was absolutely nothing in that room for him to play with, besides the blankets and pillow on his bed, we left him alone.

I knew that my boy, who can't keep a secret for beans, would explain what was going on as soon as the sun was up in the morning... and he did.

"Hey Bud. I heard you talking pretty late last night in your bed. What were you doing?"

"Oh. Well. My feet were bad guys and my hands were good guys and I had to keep my eyes open to make sure that my feet didn't attack my hands when I wasn't looking."

Annnnd I'm sorry I asked....

I'm also happy he doesn't have the hand and foot war going on during daylight hours, or in public... because that would be weird as Hell.

To each their own??


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