True Story Thursday

Someone recently said to me... "Ridiculous really does happen to you on the daily."

People. I know.

Every time I talk to my college roommate she laughs and says... "Things like this only happen to you."

I am aware.

Today's nonsense began when my daughter threw a fit because the clothes I was putting on her did not provide easy access to her nipples.

You read that right... if she can't reach her nipples, then she can't wear the shirt.

 Which is why she is constantly just taking her clothes off... gotta reach the bo-bos.

Yes, she calls them bo-bos... but she means nipples, so it's just as weird.

I find myself saying things like... "Just unzip your hoodie a little bit and then you can reach in and play with them all you want."

I may be an enabler, but if her bo-bos are going to keep her calm then so be it.

Ridiculous came again two hours later when Lovebug handed me bread he made for us at school.

Like, oh, no big deal, here's some bread... with an EGG IN IT.

I couldn't help but wonder if this is like the time he glued the chicken's gobbler thing to its butt and made it into balls...

The teacher told me that I am the only parent that was blessed with the chicken ball picture, and that every other child put the gobbler where it belongs, below the beak.

So... am I the only parent whose child forgot to crack the egg?

Did everyone else's bread get egg cooked INTO it and not ONTO it??

I was still questioning the egg bread ordeal when I put Lovebug down for his nap.

We were changing him into his clothes for nap time when he took off his pants, looked down, and said...

"Hmm. Yooks yike I yeft my underwear at school."

HOW does one just "yeave" their underwear somewhere?!

I mean, I know how it happens in College, but how does it happen in Pre School??

Before I could ask, he explained:

"You know how I yike to take off my pants, and socks, and shoes, and undies, when I go poop? I did that at school. "

And I'm all..."So that means your underwear is where?"

And he's like... "At school. In the potty. I fink."

Says the free balling three year old.

Can't wait to email his teacher and ask if she found any underwear.

Ya just can't make this stuff up.


What We've Been Up To Wednesday

You may have noticed that Our Tiny Place was a little quiet last week.

Sometimes I don't write because I don't have anything to say, and I don't like to force this shit...

But last week I took a break because as soon as Spring sprungs (it's a thing if I say it is) we are busy like maniac people.

Some of you expressed a little concern like... "Yo... are you alive?"

How sweet of you, for real, to ask me if I'm alive... and to preface it with "Yo..." I'm touched.

So... what has been keeping me far, far away from the keyboard?

I'm so glad you asked....


Chicks, man.

The baby chickadees, and ducks, and hens, and anything that has feathers and a beak and is fluffy... can all be found at Tractor Supply right now.

"Mom. Yet's go wook at the chicks."

I hear it everyday. We've been five times in five days.

It's a quick ten minute visit and the kids love it, so... score.

Ohandplusalso... if anyone out there is thinking about buying my children an animal... EVER... know this: I will cut you.

Speaking of cutting... Husband bought a wet saw and started the kitchen back splash last weekend.

We are on the fence about our tile.

While we loove the subway look, and think the tile itself looks super high quality and gorgeous (it should be for what it cost), we aren't sure about the color...which reads way more brown than it did in the sample.

We are going to live with it for awhile, but are now seriously considering painting the cabinets white (picture me fist pumping because... hello, I wanted to do that all along!).

 What else... hmmm... walks. Lots of walks.

The warmer weather has our Dolls itching to stretch their limbs and play outside.

Sometimes dressed like crazy people.

Sometimes with my sister.

Sometimes after Husband does Girlfriend's hair...

This was his first time doing it and she ended up looking like Mulan... but he gets an A for effort.

Hmm.. I took 47 pictures of the kids for Easter, and in every single one they are looking down like this:


We also dyed Easter eggs.

We used the "Marble" kind, which really should be called the AWESOME kind... because hello, look at how freaking cool they look!

Oh and while we were dying eggs my sister did this to her egg.

And now that I have posted that picture on the Internet, I will probably not be able to blog again for like eight weeks because I am almost certain that she is driving to my house right now to break my hands.

It was fun while it lasted.

(Just kidding, I would totally be back tomorrow with another post, even if I have to type it with my feet.)


Staging Kitchen Art Plus Updates

The kitchen makeover continues and I am moving on to finding something to hang on the walls.

I recently framed Lovebug's Little Red Hen picture and hung it on the door to our in-law apartment...

I think I will hang it in our kitchen for life.

Chicken and Nuts are the perfect addition to any kitchen motif...

"Henny," will survive every makeover, of this I'm sure.

When it came time to figure out what we were going to do with our limited kitchen wall space, we decided two things right off the bat:

To keep the chalkboard, and ditch the "eat" sign.

Also... get rid of those toothpaste walls.

Right off the bat I knew I wanted to frame this picture and put it where "eat" used to hang.

Those little feet warm my soul, plus I am nothing if not over theme-y, and those feet are standing on chairs in the kitchen so... obvi.

I loved it even  more after I framed it. Adorable I tell ya.

We wanted to hang one more picture with it, so it wouldn't look lonely... but were at a loss for what to hang.

We know that you're supposed to hang things in three's... but nothing can hang low enough for the toddler terrorists to reach, so two pictures was the way to go for us.

But what to hang??

I didn't have any more cute pictures of them doing anything in the kitchen, at least, nothing that could compare to the feet show stopper.

I thought and thought about this and finally decide to use our fridge.

Both of our kids like to stand in the refrigerator...maybe we don't feed them enough??

I positioned myself in front of the fridge camera ready, and waited and waited for those little nutcases to come into the kitchen... and they never did.

So I decided the Hell with waiting for them.

I grabbed some M&M's and set the stage for what I knew would give me some adorable pictures (I've got the food photo shoot on lock these days).

I put some on each shelf, then called the kids into the kitchen.

They took one look at the open door of the fridge, and the candy waiting inside and just walked right into my trap.

These kids are too easy... just throw a treat at them and they come running.

I picked my favorite shot, blew it up, and framed it...

Now it hangs with it's friend the feetie picture...

 And they look so good up against our new walls, which are Allen & Roth's Fisherman Wharf.

Love Love Love them.

And that moody blue paint is a major upgrade from the minty toothpaste walls we had before.

Our kitchen will never be Bower Power or Young House Love-esque... it will never be my dream or my forever kitchen... because this isn't our forever home.

It will always have a chicken with nuts on the wall and a pull up bar in the doorway; it's not going to be picture perfect because we actually live here... (duh).

But the addition of "art" featuring two of my favorite people; well, that is helping me love it more than I ever did before.

Prolly coulda just hung those two pictures and not done the granite and been just as happy (just kidding Husband).


Being Grateful

Our kids are five hour energy drinks wrapped up in cute little red bull bodies.

Their energy could put a puppy to sleep.

They are tornadoes that can tear apart a room in 30 seconds flat...

They will find the one single item that does not belong in a child's hands... and they will juggle it, and then shove it into the other one's eyes.

They are a handful, and I am tired, and I need a break.

But I don't want one.

That's the truth.

I know breaks are important and are good for all of us, and that is why I do take them, but truth be told... I just don't really like to be away from them.

Of course, I am only human, so I love getting pedicures and my hair done... but I can't wait wait wait to get back home and grab them into my arms and tickle them until they wheeze.

Even on days full of screaming and Time Outs and spilled drinks and stains on the couch....

Even on days when I am exhausted and the laundry is starting to creep up over the window sills...

Even then... I am so happy to have a job that allows me not to miss a single, solitary minute.

Like this one... that I caught Sunday morning when the kids were doing their usual adorable act of holding hands and punching me in the gut with their cuteness.

I call this shot... "Beanie, Boots, and Backwards Pants."

Seriously, those backwards pockets and drawstring in the back slay me.

They are young and innocent for such a short part of their lives

I am so blessed to have a front row seat of the exploration, the curiosity, and the madness.

I love those little beasts so ferociously... and I am so fortunate to be able to stay home and watch them grow into perfectly adorable and strange little people.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.



Somethin' Different

One night a few weeks ago while Husband was traveling for work, I looked at Lovebug, who was snuggled next to me on the couch at 8:15, and said...

"Hey. How about instead of me putting you to bed right now... we go get into my bed and watch movies??"

I am super lonely when Husband is gone, so even though I knew Lovebug would be excited about the offer, I was actually thinking more of myself when I asked... because I wanted some company.

Selfish? Maybe, but it ended up making both of our days...

I didn't have to be alone, and he got to stay up late. Win.

I'm pretty sure Lovebug didn't even give me an answer, he just flew off the couch and up the stairs like a rabid squirrel.

He was in our bed and under the covers before I even got off the couch...

Probably because he thought I might change my mind if he hung around... smart kid right??

The kids both still come into our bed every morning when they wake up, but they are never, ever in our bed at night.

Being that it was just Lovebug and I, (Girlfriend was already asleep)... it was a super special treat for him.

We were both just so happy to do something different... it was such a simple thing, and so awesome.

It was just us, and the glowing TV screen

Lovebug had insisted on "no yights,"and was ecstatic when I said OK... good thing three year old boys are easily impressed.

Lovbug's cuteness is killin' it in this picture... the kid thought he won the freaking lottery.

Before long Girlfriend heard us giggling and I couldn't help myself, I grabbed her, too.

Even though it was well past both their bedtimes at this point, I was so happy to have the company, and snuggly babies in my arms that I didn't even care.

Clearly Girlfriend is confused by our energy level at 10 pm.

Boyfriend's like..... WOOO WE'RE UP LATE! PARTY!

It wasn't a big thing, it was just a different thing.

One that we had never done before.

 It was so different from our norm in fact, that it seemed almost like we were breaking the rules.

Which is weird because, hello, I make the rules.

It was wonderful, and something I can't wait to do again... I absolutely loved surprising them, and myself.

I went to bed that night with a buoyant heart and a smile on my face... all because I dragged my kids into bed with me for an hour after dark.

Who woulda thought?


In Which They Ask To Mop

The Bugs saw me mopping and came barreling at me, all flailing arms and loud mouths, begging to help.

True story.

I am only human so... I handed over the mops like... "No. Please. Don't."

And then I hopped my booty up onto the counters with a cup of hot chocolate, and watched them scrub the floor.

They were freaking ecstatic to help... they laughed while they worked played... and even asked to do it again after naps.

Getting the floors mopped twice in one day, by someone other than me?? Yes please.

Now if I could just get them to wipe their own butts.


Medicine Dropper Art

After Lovebug was done losing his shit over his sister's hair yesterday, I decided to try to calm them both down with some painting.

Sometimes the only way to achieve silence is by letting them making a mess...

And since Lovebug isn't super into anything crafty these days (aside from his Little Red Hen masterpiece), I knew I had to put an unusual spin on it to get him interested.

I set my Girlfriend up with some watercolors, and then sat down to teach Boyfriend how to fill a medicine dropper with paint, and make a ginormous mess.

He caught on quick.

I loved that he had to think about how to use the dropper; each and every time he filled it he was really quiet and focusing on filling it up just right.

He loved that he got to shoot that shit all over the place and I didn't care if he made a mess.

I thought ahead and gave him two small droppers, that only held 3 ML each... so the paint came out in smaller, more manageable portions.

I didn't actually know what kind of paint to use, so I just mixed some water and finger paint and figured no matter what it would be colorful and messy, and that's really all that matters to a three year old boy.

It was kind of chunky, but it did the job and Lovebug loved watching the chunks get sucked up into the droppers... the more disgusting the better for little boys, ya know?

I was well prepared and had a stack of 50 papers ready to go...

As soon as he soaked through one sheet, I plopped a fresh one in front of him before he could lose interest.

Moms of boys know you gotta be on your toes... quickness is key!

A second of idle time equals an opportunity to let their ADD (All Day Dancing) creep in and take over.

Lucky for me, Lovebug stayed calm and focused for AN ENTIRE HOUR.

That is pretty much a decade in three year old boy time, so color me excited about this one.

Ohandplusalso... he has asked to do this again 100 times since... I KNOW!

He was being so wonderful, that I even braved the freezing ass cold and got twenty seven misfired shots of paint on my hardwood floors to let him do this in the snow:

Whatever keeps him busy slash happy slash quiet slash not attacking his sister... right??


Don't Tie Her Hair.

Even though the Bugs are the best of friends...

They do fight about one thing, on a regular basis, without fail... no matter what.

Girlfriend's hair.

Sometimes we show up places and Girlfriend looks like she crawled out from under a bush, where little birds had been building a nest in her hair.

I'm a little embarrassed by her crazy Don King hair, but to be honest... letting her look crazy is easier than fighting with Boyfriend about it.

I have no freaking idea what that kid's problem is with his sister's hair... but he is VERY protective of it, and absolutely hates when I pull it back.

Or as he calls it... "tie her hair."

I must hear it 100 times a week, "Don't tie her hair! Don't tie her hair!"

He goes bullshit when I put a ponytail or pig tails in Girlfriend's hair, I just don't get it.

For awhile, Husband and I just kind of obeyed Lovebug's weird hair rules, but now Girlfriend is getting older and bringing me elastics and asking for her hair to be done.

Which means we have drawn a line in the sand and basically told him that as long as she is asking for her hair to be done, he can not, under any circumstances, touch her hair.

When he is at school, it's no problem, I can put her hair up, and it stays put because Boyfriend isn't around to eff with it.... but when he is around, all Hell breaks lose.

I caught some of the chaos today on video; because we think this behavior is weird as Hell, and we don't understand it, so... we record it.

Lovebug was stuck on the opposite side of the baby gates and couldn't get to Girlfriend's hair... which caused a mental freaking break down on his part.

You know what... just watch and see.

We don't get it either... but it makes us laugh, in an our kids are super freaking weird kinda way.


Let There Be Light

This past weekend we made a little more progress on our kitchen makeover.

We started by ditching the light over the window.

(new back splash next weekend, yay!)
It was actually kind of new, we just bought it last year, but it didn't fit the look we are going for right now... so it got the boot.

In it's place we put this mini pendant light by Allen & Roth, from Lowe's.

I freaking love anything Allen & Roth.

I don't know who those guys are, but their taste is exquisite and I want it all.

Plus... this light did not break the bank... it was a steal at $40.

And the best part?

I mean other than the fact that I got to watch my handsome husband install it...

This light gave us a moment.... or maybe Girlfriend gave it to us... either way, we had one.

When Husband and I stood back against the wall to check our new and improved lighting situation, we must have both crossed our arms over our chests in a.... what do you think?... kinda way.

We know that we both crossed our arms because right at that moment Girlfriend walked into the room.

She looked first at me, and then at Husband...

Then she folded her arms over her chest, turned around, and backed that thang up until she was standing in between us like... So...What are we looking at??

Husband and I tried not to laugh while we eyed each other over her head; mentally daring the other to move cautiously and GET THE CAMERA!!

Of course I'm the one who moved first... because I am a Mom, which means I am also part Ninja.

I tried not to breathe or blink when I took two quick steps across the room, grabbed my phone and  snapped a picture of Husband looking at the light and trying not to laugh...

While Girlfriend with her little arms crossed was like... What are we even doing right now?? 

I can't even.

She should just punch me right in the gut next time...

Just bypass the whole cute little legs, onesie, arms crossed bit... just give me a mini knuckle sandwich right in the belly button and put me out of my misery.

Because when she does something as cute as this...

Forget it.... I for real can't even breathe or think with so much adorableness going on...

I was a puddle of Mommy meltedness and I was so wrapped up in Girlfriend's chubby little arms that I legit looked at Husband like... what the Hell I was even doing before this moment came into my life and slapped me in my face??

Why was I standing against the wall again??


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