Why Bother??

Even the simplest tasks become chores when you have two crazy maniac children following you around all day.

Take for example, making the bed.

People... if you don't have toddlers, or you have older children, or maybe you have no children ..do me a favor and start appreciating your damn bed more.

The pretty covers, the pillows, and the whole "look" you create when you make it in the morning? Ya know what I'm talking about??

When you make your bed so it looks like you just want to take a flying swan dive leap like a starfish right into your bed's face at night??

Do you know what I am talking about??

Do you not make your bed?

Because listen.. if you don't, you better start now, cause once you have kids.... FORGET ABOUT IT... your bed will look like a train wreck for like... five years.

Maybe even six.

Because kids see perfectly made beds and think one thing...


This is real life...

I make the bed, walk into the closet, grab a hoodie, and walk back out to this:

I was gone for 30 seconds.

Ok... maybe if we didn't have 11 pillows on our bed and it didn't look like a puffy, cotton candy, cloud bed...then they wouldn't assault it with their tiny human bodies... but FOR REAL...

We have five thousand toys in our house (I'm almost certain that number is accurate) and they want to play with pillows?

I give up....

On the bed.

Not the kids.

So if you come over... expect an unmade bed and 11 pillows next to it on the floor... which is where I very often almost face plant at the end of a long day, so it will probably work out fine.


  1. At least now I'll have a reason for never making the bed!

  2. But but but, they're so cute.. and adorable... please forgive them. They'll make the bed next time... :D

  3. Making the bed is one routine I never got into. Which works out nicely because now I have a kid.


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