Snowed In Photo Dump

Like the rest of New England... we were snowed in last weekend.


Especially when you are stuck in the house with a three year old and a one year old... talk about being a clown... I tried everything to keep them entertained. Clearly.

While it may look like I am wearing a maternity bumble be costume.... it is actually a size 3t... so that's why I look pregnant... which I'm not.

But when a mini Army General with blonde hair and blue eyes salutes you and says "Please put on this costume"... well, you do as you're told... at least I do.

Which also explains the pizza... lucky for me, and you... the pizza offered a little more coverage.

Speaking of pizza... we also made it, home made style, with the help of our maniacs...

 Admittedly, the kid on the table was actually more of a pain in the ass than a help...

She was like:

"Here let me help... I'll dump the spices all over the rug."
When we weren't eating... we were making forts, watching movies.... skyping...

And baking...

And playing dress up... again....

The kids spent a lot of time in the appliance cabinet...

I have no idea why except that we were legit stuck in the house for four days so.... whatever kept them quiet and clothed was okay with me.

Did I say clothed?

I did say clothed.

Because Girlfriend decided that being snowed in for a blizzard was the perfect time to enter the ever popular toddler,  "I don't like clothes," stage:

Not to be confused with the, "My head is growing faster than my body stage..."

Any time I could add a few more layers of clothes onto her I was all: "Yay!!! We love clothes!! Even if they don't match!!"

We also love clothes that come with their own beer bottle holders too... in case you were looking at my Coors Light hoodie and wondering what the what was going on there.

Anyway... we survived the Blizzard of 2013 with two toddler terrorists, a fridge full of food, a broken snow blower, twenty seven outfit changes, two Time Outs (a day)....and a whole lot of love.


  1. So so cute! It looks you guys are really enjoying and having so much fun. Nice pictures!!!


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