Never A Dull Moment

There are a few things in life that I can always count on:

1- My Mom to slam her foot into the dashboard and gasp in horror any time I am about to hit a car that is 400 yards away....

2- My Dad to remember and remind me, down to the penny, just how much money he spent on my college education, and our wedding....

3- And Lovebug to find a way to do something ridiculous when he is left alone for more than two minutes.

So if you've been reading for awhile, you know that Lovebug does not have any toys, or books accessible to him in his room. 

We are the meanest parents in the world right??

Wrong... call us lazy, but we just don't feel like giving him free reign to trash the joint every night after we put him to bed.

Last week I tried leaving a super hero cape hanging on his wall, and immediately regretted my decision when he shoved it down his throat and blew chunks all over his bed.

(If you are new here, yes you read that right, and I said, "WTF?" too.)

Sooo... after I found myself washing vom covered blankets at almost 10 pm on a Monday night... I was like... never again will I leave anything in that room again.

The plan has always been that things would either be nailed down, or hung up high... but every so often, like with the cape... I have a lapse in judgement and think... what could possibly happen?

Well today when he earned himself a Time Out, I saw a small pile of clean undies that I had yet to put away, sitting at the foot of his bed.

I figured it was no big deal, it's undies, I don't even fold them... what could go wrong?

I closed his gate and came back 5 minutes later... not even giving those under things a second thought...

...Until I saw that he had put on all 8 pairs, one on top of the other.

And the last lonely pair, went on his head.

I gotta hand it to him.... he sure knows how to make the most of his Time Outs.

He is always out thinking me in the... "What could he possibly do?" department.

I am just happy that he didn't try to eat them, and that I only had to de-layer him, and not clean any chunks.

I have a feeling we are screwed when this gorgeous little underwear head gets to High School.


  1. This made my morning reading this! LOL

  2. HAHA! Thanks for the laugh while reading this! :)


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