Little Remedies Giveaway!

We were super excited to receive a huge, awesome gift package from Little Remedies yesterday in the mail.

Seriously... there is a cure for any ailment a child could ever have in that line up!

Plus it's all made with only necessary ingredients... no special additives to make it taste and look fancy.

Because let's be honest, medicine is not a fashion show, it's the health and wellness of our babies, amIright!?

I feel like every time I take the kids to the Pediatrician there is something new that they are taking off or putting on the market...

Always something else to buy or worry about.. ya know??

So I love knowing that Little Remedies is made with the, "Less is More," mantra... if it doesn't help the treatment, it's not included in the make up.

Take artificial coloring for example... what the Hell do we need that for??

When you think of kid's medicine, you probably think of something red... or purple... or the never popular yellow that my Mom bought for us when I was little (that stuff tasted like battery acid).

Well, medicine has come a long way since I was younger... like, did you know that Little Remedies makes lollipops to soothe sore throats and coughs??

They taste natural! Like honey!

You will never find any weird artificial flavors from Little Remedies, because they don't use them.

Oh and also... no alcohol... ever!

So you can feel good about giving it to your babies... and know that only safe and necessary ingredients are entering your little peanut's body.

No preservatives here!

The best part is... Little Remedies is giving away a gift basket to one of my readers!!

How's that for the most generous slash use able slash best Giveaway ever?? I know.

And for you readers out there with no kids, or grandkids... ENTER ANYWAY!!

Hello, do you know how much medicine costs? This is a PERFECT baby shower gift!!

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below... good luck!

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  1. Oh, how we love little remedies in this house. Gripe water got us through a tough 6 week patch. Lifesaver. Thanks for the opportunity to win. With a little one on the way (!!), this would come in handy for the bean and my toddler! :)


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