It's Begun.

I can remember taking Lovebug to the Library when he was just a wee lad and despising the older kids that ran around like hungry monkeys.

I can distinctly remember those kids being loud and obnoxious, tackling one another and saying things that made no frickin' sense at all.

Well.. it's begun.

My sweet little peach has become a pesky little rodent.

Not all the time... but sometimes....

Sigh... there's just no avoiding it I think.

Take for example, when we leave a play date.

I do the obligatory Mom thing: "Say goodbye and thank you!"

And Ladybug, my little chirping bird is all: "Bye! Dank Doo!"

She is so happy to oblige and flail her little arms in a spastic wave...

And then there's this guy...

My adorable, sweet, cuddly baby...

Who before my very eyes is becoming a child.

He's all: "Bye, Spit. Thank you Merry Man. See ya Yater. Face."

You think I am exagerrating but much to my dismay, that is a direct quote.

First of all:


How can I discipline you when I don't know what YOU'RE SAYING!

Later in the car... I'm all: "Please try to work on your attitude, and don't call people names."

He's like: "I'm sorry I called you "Face". I yuv you."

This surprises me because I didn't realize that, "Face," was directed at me.

"It's okay Bud..." I start... weighing my words carefully because suddenly the English language makes NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL... "I forgive you."

"Ya know what Mom? I actually meant to say Beautiful. Beautiful. Face."

And there he is... my delicious little man child, kissing my butt and spoiling me with compliments while he blows kisses at me in the rear view mirror.
He is sneaky and charming in a way that a Senior boy might be to a Freshman girl.

He is also smart, and knows better than to act fresh like that at home; where he can be put into Time Out and have his toys taken away...

So this very becoming behavior seems to come out only in Public... how convenient.

I don't get this three year old boy thing.

I don't get the fragmented sentences or the fascination with bodily functions; the being fresh and laughing at anything that sounds remotely like a fart.

I'm trying to figure it out though, and working on my own patience while I do.

I'm also trying to remember that somewhere deep inside that little rodent of a three year old...

Is my funny, smart and loving baby boy... who thinks my Face (period) is Beautiful (period).


  1. Awwww....how baffling sweet is that.

  2. haha I hear ya!!! just the other day Cole says - Mom - can I say MUPID or TUPID or even BOOPID? ...... ME: ummmm NO. Cole: but they are not bad words mom - Im just rhyming.... UUUUGH!!

  3. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for this.

  4. Ugh, I will dread any part of this. I don't do well with farting topics, or dirt, or boy stuff. I always thought I wanted a girl for these reasons... then Hunter came.. and turns out babies are babies... so he is gorgeous and cuddly and sweet. But I guess someday he will be 3 and I will be confused lol.


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