He Says:

I walk into the room and see Lovebug watching a movie, sitting very still.

I am wondering when he last used the bathroom....

He often likes to wait until the very last possible second, then jump up, bust down the gate, fly into the bathroom, rip his pants off, and pee all over the walls.

Me: "Hey Bud... do you have to go to the bathroom?"

Without looking away from the TV he responds...  "Do you see me dancing?"

Ahhhh... the wonderful answering a question with a questions stage...

I believe it is supposed to start at around age 12.. NOT THREE.

And because you probably don't speak three year old (and really, who does?)... to translate:

As far as Lovebug is concerned: you don't REALLY have to pee unless your legs are tapping, your arms are shaking and your booty is bouncing.


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