Comedic Genius

I am often impressed by Lovebug's comedic timing... the kid has no clue just how funny he really is.

Like this weekend... when I was shoveling some 30 inches of snow after our snow blower died (honestly, don't feel bad, I love shoveling, hello, it's QUIET out there) and Lovebug noticed that there was snow flying over my shoulder.

He was all... "Mom... you're throwing snow! Can I go inside? I need my umbrella."

Listen... I gave up questioning the kid long ago, so I just opened the door and let him in and didn't think twice about it.

Two minutes later I am back to tossing snow over my shoulder when I hear a little squeal...


It is the unmistakable excited squeak that Lovebug lets out when he is anticipating something he deems wonderful.

It is always accompanied by shaking limbs, and a giant dimpled smile.

I turn around to see that he has firmly planted himself behind me....

He has two hands on his umbrella, and he is shaking with excitement.... as he waits for me to throw snow at him...

This kid... out thinks me every day.

I laughed until I cried when I saw what he needed his umbrella for...

My little man, is creative and always up for a good time... even if it means willingly getting a face full of snow just to see me laugh.

I am so proud... and a little scared of who this little comedian will become one day.


  1. Aren't kids just the greatest? Okay, well maybe just yours and mine.

  2. lol Very cute! Kids are awesome!

    And on a side note...I will never again complain about the half of inch of snow we get every once and a while! Eek!


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