At Long Last...

If you have been reading for awhile, then you might remember when I was on the radio for a DIY disaster last January.

Long story short .... I spray painted our formerly mauve vanity counter top to look like sand in our beach bathroom.

It was a fail in every sense of the word...

I effed it up so bad that Husband had to fix it... and then he effed it up too.

If I am going to be completely honest... I love spray painting so much that I would use it on my freaking face if I could...

BUT... no matter what Google says.... there needs to be a line drawn in the spray paint sand somewhere.. and as it turns out... that place is on your counter tops.

I vowed last year to solve this problem once and for all... and I failed.

But two weeks ago, when I found an entire kitchen's Corian countertops on Craigslist for $150... I won.

Husband drove two hours to pick up those puppies up...

He ripped that old nasty counter top off the second he got home... I was clapping and yelling:

"See ya never!"

Once we laid out all the Corian pieces we realized that one piece was exactly the length we needed for the vanity...

We had anticipated seaming two pieces together so finding one that was 73 inches was just dumb and exciting luck.

The down side was that it was much deeper than we needed...

I ALMOST allowed Husband to attempt installing this bad boy on his own... but then I was like... this poor bathroom has looked like shit for four years... let's just find someone with the know how and hire them.

Joe Fix It was another Craigslist find....

Joe has extensive experience dealing with Corian... which is notoriously a pain in the ass material to work with (or so I hear), plus... he was in our price range.

He showed up early, worked his tail feather off in the freezing ass cold, and got that beautiful new countertop installed quickly.

Things were starting to look up for us and our sad old vanity...

She got a paint job....

And two new sinks (which were supposed to be $49 each but were mis-marked at Home Depot for $39 so we saved 20 bananas...yay! happy booty slap)...

And two new faucets.

Then Husband decided she needed a little somethin' somethin' in the back splash department.

Off to Home Depot we went.... cause we live there.

What are the chances that they had awesome mosaic tile that matched our new Corian perfectly!??

I'm telling you, if you wait four years to complete a project, the stars align and are like... "let's just throw these poor kids a bone here."

And they did.

I slapped Husband's arm and jumped up and down like a child:

"LOOK!" I squeaked... "IT MATCHES! But you can't do this on your own. Please wait for Joe."

Ten points to me for being a super supportive wife right?

I am happy to say not only did Husband prove me wrong, but he did an awesome job all by himself!

I'll admit... I was more than shocked not to hear him f-bombing his face off in there.

He just put on his i-pod and went to work.... about an hour later he was cheesin' his face off like... "Hey... I did it.:"

We still need to grout... but even with no grout... I am in love.

Sidenote: That fish cost me a quarter at a flea market... I spray painted it green, of course... and I love him too.

I will post pictures when it is finally done with grout and silver hinges ... but in the mean time, since everyone loves a good before and after, and this bathroom has gotten no love in four years:

I am so thrilled for my Girlfriend the vanity...  she's like a cool minty smoke show now!

She deserves it after what we put her through.

Doesn't she look 100 % better?!!

And now when you come over your toothbrush won't get stuck on the counter! Bonus!


  1. Yay for home renos. The bathroom looks awesome! I wish we owned and could fix our bathroom up.


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