Four Eyes (Plus GlassesUSA Discount Codes)

Last summer I pushed the kid's stroller up our friend's gravel driveway at sunset, and somehow lost my glasses.

I left their house well after dark, put the Bugs in their car seats, turned the car on, looked out my windshield and realized that I couldn't see.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am more or less blind without my glasses.

It's to the point where if I don't wear them for a few hours, my eyes literally hurt.

And... when I lose them... which I do at least twice a day, my eyes all of a sudden like refuse to work.

I mean what the Hell is a semi-blind person to do when they lose their glasses??


Which means I am always at the mercy of Husband who is forever shaking his head at me like:


Anyway, back to our friend's house...

As luck would have it the night I lost my glasses Husband was out of town.

And our friends happen to be no stranger to my blind-as-a-bat shenanigans.

 I was all:

"It's fine... they probably just bounced out of the stroller and are somewhere on your driveway..."

I jokingly suggested I just drive home and stay between the trees, when my friend quite literally put me in the passenger seat and said... "I am driving you home. Sit. Stay."

I did as I was told and we began the trek down their long rocky driveway when suddenly through all the fuzziness that was before me, I saw a tiny glimmer of light.

It was my glasses! The headlights were reflecting off the lenses!!

They were more than a little scratched up from falling out of the stroller.... which only added to their sexiness, as they'd been lopsided for like... a year already.

All that to say... I still haven't bought new ones.

Call me crazy, but the idea of sitting in a chair getting my eyes while holding two children on my lap sounds miserable.

I'd rather just tilt my head sideways and hope that no one notices that my glasses are actually completely crooked and slide down my nose like I'm a cartoon character.

The fact that I let my 3 year old wear my very crooked BCBG eyeglasses....

...Just goes to show you that I've given up all hope for this pair ever getting fixed... and will be one of those people who wears old shitty glasses forever.

Or will I???

Turns out that the good people at GlassesUSA.com are so embarrassed for me and my scratched lenses that they want to give me, and you(!) a discount for their website (which already offers a 110% guarantee to have the lowest prices for online eyeglasses).

I look at this as the Universe's way of telling me that I should stop losing my glasses everyday and instead.... use the GlassesUSA discount, and order glasses online... like multiple pairs of them.

I'm thinking about these for my glove compartment, these for my night stand... and maybe even these for the deli drawer of the fridge.

Since their prices are inexpensive, and come with a satisfaction guarantee, I won't feel guilty about stocking up like the four eyed white Beyonce that I am.

And since I am always losing my glasses, having more than one pair strategically placed in every room of my house, just might be the answer.

I mayyy have used this crazy Virtual Mirror thing for an hour trying on my new four eyed wardrobe... um, it's addicting.

Try it out, and use the codes below to save yourself, and your whole visually challenged family some cash on their next pair of glasses!


Oh and if you should ever run into me somewhere and think I am avoiding you and being incredibly rude...

I promise it's nothing personal; I just can't see you.


To take 30% off frames (with single-vision Value Lens Package) + FREE shipping (premium frames excluded), use code: EYECANDY30

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses using code: BLOG10


He Says:

I walk into the room and see Lovebug watching a movie, sitting very still.

I am wondering when he last used the bathroom....

He often likes to wait until the very last possible second, then jump up, bust down the gate, fly into the bathroom, rip his pants off, and pee all over the walls.

Me: "Hey Bud... do you have to go to the bathroom?"

Without looking away from the TV he responds...  "Do you see me dancing?"

Ahhhh... the wonderful answering a question with a questions stage...

I believe it is supposed to start at around age 12.. NOT THREE.

And because you probably don't speak three year old (and really, who does?)... to translate:

As far as Lovebug is concerned: you don't REALLY have to pee unless your legs are tapping, your arms are shaking and your booty is bouncing.


Little Remedies Giveaway!

We were super excited to receive a huge, awesome gift package from Little Remedies yesterday in the mail.

Seriously... there is a cure for any ailment a child could ever have in that line up!

Plus it's all made with only necessary ingredients... no special additives to make it taste and look fancy.

Because let's be honest, medicine is not a fashion show, it's the health and wellness of our babies, amIright!?

I feel like every time I take the kids to the Pediatrician there is something new that they are taking off or putting on the market...

Always something else to buy or worry about.. ya know??

So I love knowing that Little Remedies is made with the, "Less is More," mantra... if it doesn't help the treatment, it's not included in the make up.

Take artificial coloring for example... what the Hell do we need that for??

When you think of kid's medicine, you probably think of something red... or purple... or the never popular yellow that my Mom bought for us when I was little (that stuff tasted like battery acid).

Well, medicine has come a long way since I was younger... like, did you know that Little Remedies makes lollipops to soothe sore throats and coughs??

They taste natural! Like honey!

You will never find any weird artificial flavors from Little Remedies, because they don't use them.

Oh and also... no alcohol... ever!

So you can feel good about giving it to your babies... and know that only safe and necessary ingredients are entering your little peanut's body.

No preservatives here!

The best part is... Little Remedies is giving away a gift basket to one of my readers!!

How's that for the most generous slash use able slash best Giveaway ever?? I know.

And for you readers out there with no kids, or grandkids... ENTER ANYWAY!!

Hello, do you know how much medicine costs? This is a PERFECT baby shower gift!!

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below... good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


It's Begun.

I can remember taking Lovebug to the Library when he was just a wee lad and despising the older kids that ran around like hungry monkeys.

I can distinctly remember those kids being loud and obnoxious, tackling one another and saying things that made no frickin' sense at all.

Well.. it's begun.

My sweet little peach has become a pesky little rodent.

Not all the time... but sometimes....

Sigh... there's just no avoiding it I think.

Take for example, when we leave a play date.

I do the obligatory Mom thing: "Say goodbye and thank you!"

And Ladybug, my little chirping bird is all: "Bye! Dank Doo!"

She is so happy to oblige and flail her little arms in a spastic wave...

And then there's this guy...

My adorable, sweet, cuddly baby...

Who before my very eyes is becoming a child.

He's all: "Bye, Spit. Thank you Merry Man. See ya Yater. Face."

You think I am exagerrating but much to my dismay, that is a direct quote.

First of all:


How can I discipline you when I don't know what YOU'RE SAYING!

Later in the car... I'm all: "Please try to work on your attitude, and don't call people names."

He's like: "I'm sorry I called you "Face". I yuv you."

This surprises me because I didn't realize that, "Face," was directed at me.

"It's okay Bud..." I start... weighing my words carefully because suddenly the English language makes NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL... "I forgive you."

"Ya know what Mom? I actually meant to say Beautiful. Beautiful. Face."

And there he is... my delicious little man child, kissing my butt and spoiling me with compliments while he blows kisses at me in the rear view mirror.
He is sneaky and charming in a way that a Senior boy might be to a Freshman girl.

He is also smart, and knows better than to act fresh like that at home; where he can be put into Time Out and have his toys taken away...

So this very becoming behavior seems to come out only in Public... how convenient.

I don't get this three year old boy thing.

I don't get the fragmented sentences or the fascination with bodily functions; the being fresh and laughing at anything that sounds remotely like a fart.

I'm trying to figure it out though, and working on my own patience while I do.

I'm also trying to remember that somewhere deep inside that little rodent of a three year old...

Is my funny, smart and loving baby boy... who thinks my Face (period) is Beautiful (period).

You Might Be Lowering Your Standards If...

You find yourself thinking that your daughter is making progress when she dumps a package of Crystal Light down her throat like a pixie stick....

Hey... at least it's edible.


Not Too Fast

Remember when Lovebug was obsessed with his astronaut costume and wore it every day for a week??

He looked like such a little man in it... so handsome and grown up.

Well... there's a new Space Ranger in town... one who wants to be exactly like her big brother.

She is equally as cute and lovable...

Even though she has a mullet:

And is melting...

Okay, maybe she's not melting... maybe she's just got a little more growing to do...

Not too fast Girlfriend... not too fast.


The Weekend & Things

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my stupid computer charger died so I haven't been able to blog... it's driving me nuts!

I know what you're thinking... just go buy a new one.

But hello, people... it is like 15 degrees here, and going to Radio Shack (yes, they still exist) to buy a charger does not sound fun because Radio Shack has no carts...

So picture me dragging two kids that are bundled up in hats and coats through a parking lot into a store, while carrying a computer to make sure the charger works and .... ugggh... I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Plus because Girlfriend has started selecting some of her own accesories, the kids may look like this: pajamas, crocheted strawberry hat, and cowboy boots...

Now picture me (again) dragging them through the parking lot again, dressed like that... and you'll understand why I have zero desire to go buy a new one with the nuggets in tow.

Don't worry (like you were) first on this weekend's agenda... new charger.

And also... giving this little peach a makeover for my Girlfriend's dolls.

Doesn't it remind you of a miniature version of this big peach??

The cradle that my Grandfather made for my brother 32 years ago??

That both Bugs slept in as a baby??

I know... me too... that's why when I saw it at Good Will I stuffed it down my pants so no one could try to steal it from me.

It is real wood and only cost me $11... so it's perfect... and she's getting a makeover this weekend.

What else is on our agenda??

Husband and my girlfriends are competing in a Weight Lifting competition... so the kids and I will be getting our cheerleader faces on for them.

Oh also... more snow is headed our way.... fuckin' snow yay!

Annnnd... we are going to be getting our kitchen ready...

For it's makeover!

We are getting granite counter tops next week!

Thank God for Home Depot and their amazing granite deals... we are psyched to get rid of the 1990's Crayola Crayon reject color... maybe add a new backsplash, paint the room a smokey gray....


What's with all the sudden updating??

Well, we will hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed be putting our house on the market soon, and we figured it'd be nice to enjoy the house before we slap a For Sale sign in front of it.

In other news, I finally figured out how to get my old lady self on Instagram, so check us out there @ourtinyplace to get updates all weekend long... and see different things that aren't posted here!

 If you aren't following us on Instagram... here is a taste of what you missed this week:

Be sure to find us on Instagram for up to the minute madness!

Happy Weekend!


I Just Can't Say No

Our kids and their snuggly cuteness are just killin' it these days.

Lovebug, who is totally in a 3 year old boy "Everything-about-the-potty-is-funny-stage,"... karate chops me in my gut when he looks at me with those baby blues...

And Ladybug... who takes off her clothes EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.... has been throwin bear hugs my way like they are goin' out of style...

For all the gray hairs that they are putting on my head....

For all the hours that I am losing sleep....

They are still like a plate of warm cookies to my face... at the end of the day... they can do no wrong, and I just can't say no.


I Shoulda Known...

It is not my first day as a Mother.

Nor is it my first day as a Mother to a child that puts every little thing into her mouth.

But for some reason, when Girlfriend came to lay in my lap yesterday and sat veerrrryyy quietly with a marker in her hand...

I thought that maybe she was just nomming on the cap.

Which is totally fine in comparison to some of the other things that she has eaten.

As it turns out... history does repeat itself and she was not just eating the cap, she was sucking on the marker...

 Another one bites the dust.

Lovebug was super exited to take pictures with his sister looking so ridiculous.

He was like... "For once it's not me."

They were killing us with the cuddly cuteness....

Husband even got his phone and started taking pictures without me asking (I like to have two cameras going cause Lord knows they move quick).

Thank goodness for non-toxic markers.....

Because what you can't see in these pictures is her black tongue and gums!!

It's a good thing she's cute... weird... with obviously little to no taste buds... but cute.


At Long Last...

If you have been reading for awhile, then you might remember when I was on the radio for a DIY disaster last January.

Long story short .... I spray painted our formerly mauve vanity counter top to look like sand in our beach bathroom.

It was a fail in every sense of the word...

I effed it up so bad that Husband had to fix it... and then he effed it up too.

If I am going to be completely honest... I love spray painting so much that I would use it on my freaking face if I could...

BUT... no matter what Google says.... there needs to be a line drawn in the spray paint sand somewhere.. and as it turns out... that place is on your counter tops.

I vowed last year to solve this problem once and for all... and I failed.

But two weeks ago, when I found an entire kitchen's Corian countertops on Craigslist for $150... I won.

Husband drove two hours to pick up those puppies up...

He ripped that old nasty counter top off the second he got home... I was clapping and yelling:

"See ya never!"

Once we laid out all the Corian pieces we realized that one piece was exactly the length we needed for the vanity...

We had anticipated seaming two pieces together so finding one that was 73 inches was just dumb and exciting luck.

The down side was that it was much deeper than we needed...

I ALMOST allowed Husband to attempt installing this bad boy on his own... but then I was like... this poor bathroom has looked like shit for four years... let's just find someone with the know how and hire them.

Joe Fix It was another Craigslist find....

Joe has extensive experience dealing with Corian... which is notoriously a pain in the ass material to work with (or so I hear), plus... he was in our price range.

He showed up early, worked his tail feather off in the freezing ass cold, and got that beautiful new countertop installed quickly.

Things were starting to look up for us and our sad old vanity...

She got a paint job....

And two new sinks (which were supposed to be $49 each but were mis-marked at Home Depot for $39 so we saved 20 bananas...yay! happy booty slap)...

And two new faucets.

Then Husband decided she needed a little somethin' somethin' in the back splash department.

Off to Home Depot we went.... cause we live there.

What are the chances that they had awesome mosaic tile that matched our new Corian perfectly!??

I'm telling you, if you wait four years to complete a project, the stars align and are like... "let's just throw these poor kids a bone here."

And they did.

I slapped Husband's arm and jumped up and down like a child:

"LOOK!" I squeaked... "IT MATCHES! But you can't do this on your own. Please wait for Joe."

Ten points to me for being a super supportive wife right?

I am happy to say not only did Husband prove me wrong, but he did an awesome job all by himself!

I'll admit... I was more than shocked not to hear him f-bombing his face off in there.

He just put on his i-pod and went to work.... about an hour later he was cheesin' his face off like... "Hey... I did it.:"

We still need to grout... but even with no grout... I am in love.

Sidenote: That fish cost me a quarter at a flea market... I spray painted it green, of course... and I love him too.

I will post pictures when it is finally done with grout and silver hinges ... but in the mean time, since everyone loves a good before and after, and this bathroom has gotten no love in four years:

I am so thrilled for my Girlfriend the vanity...  she's like a cool minty smoke show now!

She deserves it after what we put her through.

Doesn't she look 100 % better?!!

And now when you come over your toothbrush won't get stuck on the counter! Bonus!


Snowed In Photo Dump

Like the rest of New England... we were snowed in last weekend.


Especially when you are stuck in the house with a three year old and a one year old... talk about being a clown... I tried everything to keep them entertained. Clearly.

While it may look like I am wearing a maternity bumble be costume.... it is actually a size 3t... so that's why I look pregnant... which I'm not.

But when a mini Army General with blonde hair and blue eyes salutes you and says "Please put on this costume"... well, you do as you're told... at least I do.

Which also explains the pizza... lucky for me, and you... the pizza offered a little more coverage.

Speaking of pizza... we also made it, home made style, with the help of our maniacs...

 Admittedly, the kid on the table was actually more of a pain in the ass than a help...

She was like:

"Here let me help... I'll dump the spices all over the rug."
When we weren't eating... we were making forts, watching movies.... skyping...

And baking...

And playing dress up... again....

The kids spent a lot of time in the appliance cabinet...

I have no idea why except that we were legit stuck in the house for four days so.... whatever kept them quiet and clothed was okay with me.

Did I say clothed?

I did say clothed.

Because Girlfriend decided that being snowed in for a blizzard was the perfect time to enter the ever popular toddler,  "I don't like clothes," stage:

Not to be confused with the, "My head is growing faster than my body stage..."

Any time I could add a few more layers of clothes onto her I was all: "Yay!!! We love clothes!! Even if they don't match!!"

We also love clothes that come with their own beer bottle holders too... in case you were looking at my Coors Light hoodie and wondering what the what was going on there.

Anyway... we survived the Blizzard of 2013 with two toddler terrorists, a fridge full of food, a broken snow blower, twenty seven outfit changes, two Time Outs (a day)....and a whole lot of love.

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