Questionable Coloring

Did you use those smelly markers from Elementary School??

The purple smelled like Grape and the green smelled like Mint??

I used to like straight huff them up my nose when I was in 3rd grade because they smelled so damn delicious.

Remember these??

Good thing that box says, "Nontoxic," on it... cause like I said... I took those things to the head.

Anyway, this is kind of like that... excepting there was no sniffing involved.

I broke out some washable (note I said washable... not edible) markers the other day for the Bugs and I to do some coloring before nap time.

You think you know where this is going, but do you really??

Because I didn't.

I had no clue it was even possible to DRINK a freaking marker... just slurp that shit right down like a slurpee.

It was a real case of whodunit... clearly:

I'm not really sure what kind of look Girlfriend was goin' for... but I think she nailed it.

Don't worry, Poison Control and I go way back; and they said it was alright as long as she didn't start barfing... oh, and to give her massive amounts of water, just in case.

Lucky for me... only one of my children decided to get drunk on Crayola... the other one kept his face nice and cute, no crazy clown mouth and beard combo here:

Although, that measuring cup is slightly suspicious....

One's drinking it, the other one's... selling it??


  1. Oh no! I do think her 'stach looks awesome though.

  2. "Don't worry, Poison Control and I go way back"



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