Kiss Me Wreath Tutorial

While we were picking out a flower for Lovebug to give to his friend's Mom (that sentence would be super weird if he were 17)... I grabbed one for myself to use on a wreath I wanted to make.

If I had my way, I'd just buy every Holiday wreath that Target sells.... if they sell it, I'd buy it.

Even if it was for Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or something we don't celebrate... I really love having something on our front door, so I'd probably buy 'em all....

I'd walk through the aisles waving my arms like: Come with me... all the wreaths; I will give you a warm basement to hang in.

That sounds weird too.

Anyway... I can't buy a million wreaths at Target because they cost like 20 bucks a pop.

And 20 bucks times however many holidays there are in a year, equals.... well... I have no clue what it equals, but it's more than I can afford.

So I make my own.

This one cost me less than 3 bucks to make, because I had most of it on hand... even if I didn't the materials would have been less than 10 bananas... so, score.

I am not a craft blogger... if I post anything DIY, it's because it is easy and if I can do it, so can you.

So bear with me while I give you the world's worst tutorial, in pictures.

I started with this:

At this point I thought I was going for all reds and pinks, so I ended up swapping the fleece out for different colors.

I started by cutting the pink gingham into long strips of about 2 1/2 wide and 15 inch long strips.

Then I just used my glue gun to glue, wrap, glue, wrap.

I know... I am practically inventing the light bulb over here... this is tricky stuff.

Once I had my wreath wrapped I started in on the felt flowers.

If you have felt with a sticky back, I'd recommend using that because you then you can avoid using the glue gun so much (not that I have 3rd degree burns or anything).

Cut yourself a piece of felt that is longer than it is thick...add a line of glue, and fold in half.

Then cut fringe on the non-glued edge of the felt, all the way to the end.

Add a drop of hot glue onto the folded seamy part, and then start rolling, like you would a fruit roll up.

Glue it at the end so that it stays rolled up like the cute little flower that it is.

Then cut a piece of scrap to glue on the bottom, to keep all that flowery goodness in place.... trim it to look pretty and then bam, your flower is complete.

I am aware that this is the worst tutorial in the world and I am probably making no sense... so for all you visual types out there... all that nonsense I just said looks like this:

Roll. Glue. Glue scrap on bottom. Trim scrap on bottom. Pat yo'self on the back.
I had my handy dandy Husband cut the stem off my metal, "Kiss Me," flower (which I found at Walgreen's for $0.99).

I hot glued the flower to the wreath first, and then I shoved my felt flowers all up in it's bidness... wherever I thought they would look good, I added some hot glue, and placed a flower.

Twenty seven burns later... I had a new wreath.

All it took was two hours, becoming a burn victim, saying, "Shit, mother effer, crap, ow, fuckkkkk!" 100 times, and three bucks.

How's that for a tutorial?


  1. Hahah. Hot glue gun burns are the worst. Those little felt flowers you made up there are the best. So it defiantly equals out. Check out my Valentine's craft on Coffee and Cashmere today. Great minds think alike. Obvs.

  2. Such a cute, affordable Valentine's wreath! Isn't it crazy how much store bought wreaths cost?!?

  3. aw! love the gingham! super cute! You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/43/those-tiny-toes-hearts-craft



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