Free & Easy Valentine's Day Crafts

I know everyone always knocks Valentine's Day as a Hallmark Holiday, and blah, blah...

But I really like to amp up the hearts for February every year, it's fun!

Except here's the thing... I am super cheap; so DIY / homemade / cutesy is the only way for me to go.

This past weekend, I made three Valentine's Day crafts for the price of nothing:

The great thing about having kids is that your decorations are supposed to look young, homemade, and happy... which means there is no effing these up... the cuter the better.

I started with the birthday candle, "You light my fire," jobbie.

It took about 4 minutes.

The only snag I ran into was when I tried to attach the candles to card stock with Krazy Glue.

Krazy fail.

If you're going to do this; go for the glue gun.

The method I used was; squeeze a line of glue, place a candle, press down, repeat.

If you squeeze all three lines first, the glue will harden before you get to push down your candles... which will eff your shit up... so remember, squeeze, place, press, repeat.

Once it was done, I popped it into a spare Target frame I had on hand (it cost $2 last year)... and called it a day.

The next thing I did was make heart garland out of paint chips.

I got them from the Paint Section at Wal-Mart; where I casually pretended to be interested in a bunch of colors that I would never, EVER, EVER paint in my house... and then shoved them all in my purse.

Why I thought I would get in trouble for taking twenty seven paint chips is beyond me... but I def felt like a thief on the way out.

Once I got my stash home, I took it waaaay back, old school style.

You know, fold in half and cut half a heart?? That technique was like my third grade LIFE.

Then I just taped them up onto some twine we already had, and I was in business.

I suppose if someone wanted to, they could go up to the garland and point out the letters on the back, since they are paint chips and there is some sort of paint chip info on the back of them.

But let's just hope no one acts that douchey in our house.

I love that the hearts are all slightly different sizes and the overall look is exactly what I was going for... plus, hello... it was free.

The last free craft I tackled was these adorable, "I Love You," hand prints by the kids.

In case you live under a rock, which would be weird, but not unheard of... the symbol above is the universal sign for, "I love you,"... it is also the American Sign Language sign for, "I love you..."

This craft is pretty self explanatory, I traced the kids hands, cut them out, and glued down the two middle fingers.

Again with this craft, you are going to want to skip the Krazy Glue... which will seep right through the paper, and look like nail polish on the other side.

Plain old Elmer's worked for me.

I folded over the two middle fingertips, and held them in place for like thirty seconds while they dried.

Then I popped it in a frame and placed it next to last year's super easy Valentine's Day craft.

And there you have it... three crafts for the price of none... four weeks before Valentine's Day.

That means you have plenty of time, and no monetary excuse not to make one, or all of them, yourself.

Ready, go!


  1. I already know a blogger (Venessa, from A Life of Our Own) who is going to love these ideas.

    I have to do the last one (footprints) with my little one too. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I love the Valentine's ideas! I am a nanny and I did the "I Love You" handprints like yours, with my children today (they are 3.5 yrs. & 2 yrs.). I traced and cut both handprints for each child & put them on separate pages of card stock. Then, I had them use a rubber stamp that says, "I <3 You!" The older child wrote her name at the bottom and the younger child "scribbled" her name. The mom LOVED them! She has 4 "Easy Change" picture frames that she uses just for her girls' artwork. I also had them make fingerprint "hearts" with pink, red, & purple ink pads on a separate piece of card stock. I had to help them "place" their fingers to make the heart shapes. While I worked with the 3.5 yr. old, the 2 yr. old decided to stick her whole hand on the ink pad. I had more than one ink pad on the table, and let's just say that the 2 yr. old took matters into her own "hands" while I was helping the 3.5 yr. old. The good thing was that I had a soapy sponge and some old wet hand towels handy. I really enjoy reading your blog! You make me laugh so hard! I enjoyed ALL of your Christmas photo attempts. Reminded me of trying to do that with my own 3 kids--and we did not have digital cameras to see the good/bad ones right away. I am now a grandmother to two grandsons, ages 2 months & 5 1/2 months. Thanks for all the neat ideas!

    1. I'm so glad you liked the Christmas photo attempts... it was such a pain to try to get it right (as I am sure you can remember doing with your own kids).. but I know I will be so happy to have all the out takes as they get older!


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