The Weirdness That I Love

I feel like when you're pregnant, or growing up, you imagine all the things that your child will be and do...

I always imagined having a blue eyed, dimpled daughter... one that sucked her thumb and rubbed her nose like I did.

Instead I got a blue eyed, dimpled son, who rubs his hair like his father did does.

It's funny when kids start doing their own self soothing things...

When Lovebug started rubbing his hair, I immediately took him to the Doctor because I thought he had a tumor or something, like... whhhhyyyy is he rubbing his hair??

Um, cause he likes to.

His sister, ya gotta love her, she is so weird.

She just started her own self soothing thing... and try as I might, I can't come up with a way to phrase this that won't make my blog pop up on X-rated google searches.

So I'll just show you... Girlfriend relaxes by doing this...

I am not positive what she is reaching for in there, but give her a sippie, or a phone, and she will stick her hand right into her little onesie and go like in another world mellow.

She isn't particular, any side will do:

It is very funny, and weird... and cute!...In a funny and weird way...

I just love that our all kids are so adorably quirky and sweet...

Plus, come on... there is just nothing better than a self soothing, happy baby...

Whatever makes them happy, right?


  1. Aww that is too adorable. Whatever works right? lol

  2. That's sweet. Little kids are so strange. Mine does this weird thing where she lays on the floor on her belly, turns her legs sideways and put one leg up in the air. I have no idea why or where she learned it from, but it's entertaining to watch.

  3. Cute and funny with how they soothe themselves. And I love your pink balloon comments. Very clever.

  4. I just seriously laughed out loud. And I never laugh for real. I was not expecting that, and it was silly.

    And Hunter plays with his hair ALL THE TIME... I feel like a bad parent because I'm like, is he tired ALL THE TIME?? Why is he always doing this tired thing... (I did when I was little as well) but also he loves my hair. Today (like most days) we were shopping and I am that crazy parent that doesn't care what her kid wants to do as long as he is at his happiest... I lean over the cart rather far and he holds my hair the whole time we shop. It's weird.

    Anyway so for that overshare.


  5. I am confused where my comment went as usual. And the second time around is always way less cool.

    I seriously laughed out loud. Like for real and I never do that. I was not expecting that lol...


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