The Bug's Tree

With a three year old and a one year old in the house, our poor Christmas tree takes a beating.

And because my husband is Buddy the Elf.. our tree has already been up, and decorated for more than a week!!

That means, for the past seven days, I have basically been pulling my hair out trying to make the kids leave the damn tree alone.

We have implemented a, "one finger," rule with Lovebug... he can stand at the tree all day long and do whatever he likes, as long as he only uses, you guessed it.. one finger.

This rule seems to be working pretty well, aside from the fact that he has figured out how to get the ornaments off the tree... with one finger... and then swings it around like a Cowboy... with one finger... before launching it across the room, with yup... one finger.

While this is going on, my Girlfriend, who doesn't even get the option of one finger, because she prefers to EAT the ornaments, is banned to another room, stuck in baby jail.

Not that all this screaming - Christmas - chaos doesn't jive with the feeling of the season, but I decided that something had to be done.

So with about five dollars worth of felt, and ten minutes of my time... I made this...


Did you know, did you know, did you KNOW that felt sticks to itself???

Felt sticks to felt! I know! Mind = blown.

So the "ornaments," can be moved around the tree all day long... no velrco, no tape, nada.

The tree is attached to the wall with double sided tape, and hung in the corner of our family room, so the felt-ness is kind of contained.

Lovebug is a fan... playing quietly with his little tree for full stretches of time... like twenty minutes.

I know... in three year old boy time that is equivalent to like, a year.

You may have realized that I didn't mention Ladybug, who promptly ripped that thing off the wall as soon as she saw it.


The worst part is, I honestly made this FOR HER, so I could continuing working with Lovebug on NOT attacking the real tree, and she could have her own little project in the corner... but, she's still too young.

I'd say 18 or 20 months would be the perfect age to use this little tree with... and obviously, continuing on upwards, because my Boyfriend? He loves it.

Which means, as soon as I can get my Girlfriend to stop yanking it off the wall... I will be making ones for Valentine's Day, Easter... you name it.

Quiet and occupied?? Without the use of technology??

Yes please.


  1. So.much.win. Of course, I have a 14 month old, so we aren't there yet. And luckily, Taylor doesn't seem too impressed with our trees. She points out the "balls" (which make me laugh every time) but that's it.

    Anyway - I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that may be up Girlfriend's alley. Reusable pouches!!


  2. Ooh! I'm totally going to do this!

  3. You. Are. Genius.

    This is such a great idea!

  4. We had that problem last year…Mason wanted to play with all of the ornaments. He thought they were miniature toys! He’s done well this year, though.

    The one finger thing cracks me up – not the rule itself, but that he figured out how to get the ornament off with one finger. Totally sounds like something Mason would do.

    I love your little felt tree. And No, I totally didn’t know that felt sticks to felt. Good to know!!


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