Merry Christmas (Card)

We had 4 different photo shoots, and took more than 400 pictures...

After all that, we still didn't have one acceptable picture of both kids looking at the camera... smiling, and not strangling one another.

Seriously... all they had to do was sit next to each other, show some teeth, and not try to choke the other one out...


As a matter of fact, it was.

So after all that... I decided to do individual pictures of the Bugs, and I have to say... I think it came out just as cute.

Maybe I am biased, but when I look at their little smiling faces looking so freaking adorable...

I feel like all of the chaos, the singing, the dancing, the clapping, the color drops, the bubbles, the shaving cream, the boxes, and the trains...... was totally worth it.

Merry Christmas, from Our Tiny Place to yours.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us... as always, we're happy you're here.

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