My Very Own Super Hero

I have been squeezing my kids even more than usual (and that is actually really hard to do), and Lovebug was finally like:

"Mom... these hugs are getting harder and harder, did you know that?"

I'm trying to lay off them a little, and not kiss them every second, or rub their cheeks, or just randomly squeeze their little baby thighs when they walk by....

It's hard, but I'm giving myself an A for effort for NOT biting their faces while they eat their hot dogs.

We went out to a public place last night for the first time since the massacre, and I have to admit, I was looking over my shoulder every second... just waiting to throw my body on top of my babies.

Like the rest of us, my faith in humanity needs some time to heal...

So until it does... I plan to bother my children will too much love and affection in the way only a Mother knows how....

And maybe be a little more lenient than I usually would be... like letting my child out of the house like this... because really, who cares?

In the grand scheme of things, if he wants to go to the store in hand me down pajama pants, and rain boots, and Ninja turtle mask... then I'm all for it.

If for no other reason than he is obviously a super hero... or a fire fighter... or....

I'm actually not sure what the Hell he is, but I like it...

And I am just so proud of my imaginative, sweet, happy little man.

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  1. *Sigh* I know exactly what you mean. We went out to dinner last night and I kept looking towards the door, waiting for some psycho to barge in with a gun. Even playing at the park I've been suspicious of every single person. People can't even walk their dog without me feeling paranoid about their next move. I've definitely been holding baby girl tighter too.


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