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I am struggling a little these days, as I try to find the happy medium between being a good parent that disciplines when necessary, and one that smothers my children with love and affection every single minute.

I think we are all thinking... God Forbid something happen to my child, and the last time I see them I am yelling.

It is a morbid thought, but one that we have all had in the past few days.

Now more than ever, I am picking my battles, and working on my patience.

Because the truth is... no matter how much we tell them we love them, and kiss them and hug them... they are still going to be kids, and sometimes, kids need guidance and discipline, too.

Last week was one of those days for Lovebug, he is 3 after all, and 3 year old boys are known to push their parents, to say the least.

At the end of a long hard day I happened to find a package on our front porch from our Sponsor, and friends at Momula.

Momula is a Developmental Toy Store, with tons of open-ended learning toys; translation: stuff that helps kids use their imagination!

Momula is divided into what works best for each particular age and stage (fine motor skills, gross motor skills, etc)... making it easy for parents to find the right toy for their child's needs.

I know, more websites should do that, don't you think??

Anyway..... I knew that there was a toy coming for Lovebug and I to review, but I didn't really know much about it.

I decided that since Husband was traveling and Ladybug was already asleep, I'd take this opportunity to turn the day around, and have some one on one time... just us, and whatever was in the big box.

I can honestly say, without any hesitation, or exaggeration, this is the best product that I have reviewed, ever.

It came in two boxes, one for blocks, one for trucks (it comes with 4 kinds of trucks)...

My first thought was: This is too old for him.

But Lovebug proved me wrong, and then some.

The Block Mates Construction Vehicles are the perfect gift for Christmas morning, because Lovebug not only played quietly with these toys, not just for a half hour for the first night (bedtime came calling)... but EVERY. DAY. SINCE.

He LOVES them!

Every time he pulls out his trucks you can tell he is really thinking about his decision as he builds and re-builds the trucks... he never just haphazardly throws them around (like he does with LOTS of other toys),

I left the box propped up and showed him how to do one.

At first the trucks looked like this....

Not quite built, but close.

After a few minutes he had figured out how hard to push the blocks down to get a good fit... and was shooing me away so he could do it by himself.

Lovebug referred back to the box a lot that first night, showing me how the other "yittle boy," made his trucks.

We have been kind of wondering if Lovebug is color blind lately... but he put that worry to rest when he easily put the trucks together, the blue with the blue, the red with the red... and so on.

I have no idea why it took a box of parts and blocks for him to decide to show us that he knows his colors, but it did.

Though you can mix and match the different pieces, Lovebug is very strict about NOT mixing and matching... you know when a three year old boy gets an idea in his head about his trucks, it's just best to follow the rules.

I loved sitting back and watching him play with his new toy.

I could see him really concentrating (which apparently he does with his tongue out), and trying to figure things out...

 And watched as his confidence grew when he became more comfortable with how to work them.

It's been about a week since these showed up at our door, and Lovebug is a pro now.

I think these trucks are perfect for ages 3 and up.

They might be a little difficult and frustrating for a 2 year old... but by 3 they are old enough to figure out what goes where, and pull them apart and put them back together.

I really can't say enough good things about these trucks.

Maybe it's because most of our toys are plastic, and make noise, and are annoying...

Or because they are old school, and remind me of the toys that Lovebug gravitates towards at Pre-School.

I don't know for sure, but these toys won us over big time.

And... because Momula is awesome, they are offering a 10% off of anything on their site when you use coupon code OURTINYPLACE at checkout.

Wait... there's more.

They are also giving a way a$50 gift card to one lucky reader!

You don't want to miss out on this one, their site has tons of awesome, open-ended learning toys!

Good Luck!!!

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**Momula provided us with these trucks, and we are so thankful. They didn't ask for a positive review, only an honest one. The fact that I love them as much as Double Stuf Oreo's is just a bonus.

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