Let's Lose Count

The Internet is buzzing with stories of random acts of kindness; of people doing things for others in memory of the 26 angels that lost their lives in Newtown.

It is so wonderful to see the entire country... and WORLD... come together in support of others.

The best part is that people are going out of their way just to make others happy... which is something we should do all the time, anyway, you know??

The Bugs and I were lucky enough to receive a package full of love and kindness last week.

It was sent before anything ever happened in Newtown...

...Which means, that person was honestly just doing something nice, because they really wanted to do something nice....

She had no idea that random acts of kindness would start sweeping the nation immediately after she sent it, or that I would post about it on my blog... but she did it anyway... just because she wanted to.

We can all learn something from my reader Alexis, and her family, who went out of their way to send the Bugs new slippers, and cute shoes...

She also threw in some beautiful homemade cookies, and her own family's Christmas card.

The card was my favorite part.

I often hear from readers that they feel like they are a part of our family... which is awesome;

But sometimes I wonder about you guys too;

Your family, your life; the weird shit that your kids do.

So seeing Alexis, her BEAUTIFUL son, and her husband on our fridge everyday is really something special for me... it is a daily reminder that someone went out of their way just for us.

Everywhere you look right now, people are talking about doing 26 Acts of Kindness, of Paying It Forward...

But let's do more.

I encourage you to remember Alexis when you are doing your Random Acts... and don't stop at 26.

Remember Alexis; who did something nice before it was something that everyone else was doing... she just did it to do it.

Let's try to live that way... you, me, all of us.

Let's do for others... validate others... not just in the wake of a tragedy, but always.

Let's be nicer... and when we finish our 26 acts, let's keep going.

Let's not even keep track of how many nice things we can do....

Let's do so much, for so many, that we lose count.

Yeh... let's lose count.


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