More Christmas Card Fails

Someone suggested I try giving the kid's shaving cream Santa beards to make them smile for their Christmas picture....

That went well.

I have no idea what the problem was with Lovebug and the shaving cream, but he was not. happy.

So I snapped a picture to capture the moment, because lucky for us... he doesn't cry often.

A memory is a memory, right?


  1. Oh god - this series is cracking me up. First the Santa gut (which my girl has too!) and now this. Bahahahaha.

    1. I could post a Christmas Card Fail every day from now until EASTER... that's how bad they are!!!

  2. I love how ladybug is looking at him like "whats the big friggin deal?"

  3. That is a pretty good idea though. Aubs was the one who didn't cooperate so much for our Christmas picture either. Way to set an example big kids.


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