Weekend Quickie

Him: Mom. I'm not eating turkey.

Me: I didn't ask you to eat turkey.

Him: On Thanksgiving. I'm not eating turkey.

Me: Why not? The Native Americans and the Pilgrims ate turkey... remember you learned about that in school?

Him: No I yearned that they ate Pop Tarts, Mom. Not turkey.

Me: I don't actually think that's right, Bud.

Him: It actually is right Mom. They ate Pop-Tarts and Hot Dogs. My teacher told me.


Almost two hundred bucks a month on preschool, and he comes home talking about The First White Trash Thanksgiving.


Pretty sure Absolutely positive I could have taught him about that at home.

I gotta hand it to the kid....

Already using his teacher as a scapegoat.... at age three! 

He is so wise.

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  1. That's right little man, educate yo' mama! What is this turkey thing she's talking about? Pop Tarts, hot dogs, Fritos and Justins for all! That's how the Pilgrims would have wanted it.


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