Shades of Things to Come

How is it even possible that I have had this picture for almost a month, and have not posted it yet??

I just searched like twenty seven fafillion posts back and I am shocked that I have been sitting on this puppy for so long...

For real... I have been holding out on you guys...

Cause look:

Be honest... this picture reminds you of High School....

Or of the crush you had on your older brother's friend at some point in your life.

Or of the time that your older brother told all his friends that you are not cute AT ALL...

And in fact... you actually look like a cafeteria lady.

(No? Just me?)

I have a feeling no matter how hard Lovebug tries, there is going to be no stopping this girl from getting what she wants.

Would you just look at her face... she's like... smug.

She pretty much walked up to that kid, and just threw herself at him...

He is actually half hugging her, half catching her... not like he had a choice... she was all, "Hey, Hey, Hey (if you can imagine the Fat Albert voice with a drunk girl walk, that's what she looks like when she's comin' atcha) ... free hugs!"

Poor Lovebug...

He turns his back for one second and Girlfriend sneaks in and starts creepin' on his boy.

He's like:

"Dude... what are you doing? She looks like a yunch yady!"

"I'm way too busy playing to stop and hit you. How about you just run into my hand with your face instead?"

"Or better yet... just wait right there while I go grab my nun chuck."

**If you can find the above picture in another post (cause I could have sworn I posted it once before)... I will snail mail you $1. Challenge... accepted (I'm accepting for you), go.

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