Love You!

Girlfriend has figured out this whole talkin' bidness... and she is on a freaking roll.

Here she is... in all of her 15 month, open jammies glory... sayin' two beautiful squishy little words:

And in case you are wondering... Lovebug said those same words at 21 months.

I know.

The kid who spoke his first words at 7.5 months ("uh oh!") waited until he was almost 2 to tell me he loved me.

WTF is up with that, Dude??

I gotta admit... I am pretty pleased with my Mom blogger-self for capturing both kids saying, "Love You," on camera as soon as they started saying it...

Admittedly, I'd be more impressed if I could figure out how to get both videos into the same post... but let's not get crazy here people, my time is precious and there is trashy TV to be watched...

Love You!

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