And Then There's This... Part Two.

Remember two weeks ago when I told you about the chairs in our kitchen??

We had to start pulling the chairs away from the table so my Girlfriend would stop climbing them, and ending up like a friggin' centerpiece... remember??

Well... the chair plan failed.

Leave it to my Girlfriend to climb the chairs and then try to stretch herself out to reach the table.

You know where this is going... Face. Plant. City.

So the new plan was to push the chairs in, in, in...

Unless Girlfriend learned how to move a chair, or someone left one pulled out away from the table... there was no way she could get all Coyote Ugly on us.

'Cept.... here's the thing.

Someone left a chair out.

And of course, it happened right around lunch time.

I had just given Lovebug his food and was all... I'll be right back I just have to pee and then I'll get the Girlfriend her lunch.

And here is what I came back to 27 seconds later (when you become a Mom you instantly start peeing faster than the speed of light, amIright?)....

You see that look on her face... she's like... "What are you looking at?" 
She was just straight chillin' up there... 

 It gets worse... I mean... better??

I don't know, whatever it is, I just stood there taking pictures of it...

So you can just put my Most Responsible Mom of the Month award right there on the table next to my kid.... who is now eating off someone else's plate.


New(est) plan:  ditch the chairs altogether and just start sit on the floor.

The things we do to protect our kids.


  1. This literally made me laugh out loud!! So awesome!

  2. These pictures were so adorable. Reminds me of me and my sister when we were growing up!


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